Portrait the Benjamin F. Wade from Jefferson, Ashtabula County, Ohio, ca. 1894-1912. He served as United says Senator from Ohio from 1859 to 1869. Wade to be the Republican Party nominee because that Vice president in 1868. Wade died in 1878 and also this portrait was created as a memorial come the Senator after his death.

In 1864, throughout the American civil War, Ohioan Benjamin Franklin Wade, a United claims Senator, and also Henry Winter Davis, a United states Representative native Maryland, presented the Wade-Davis Bill. This regulation sought to create a policy for how seceded claims would rejoin the unified States adhering to the war"s conclusion. It forced fifty percent the white southerly voters living in a seceded state to take an oath that allegiance come the unified States prior to the state could apply for readmission to the Union. The bill conveniently passed Congress, however President Abraham Lincoln refused to sign it. Lincoln favored a much much more lenient policy and also the bill never became law.

Many members the the Senate and also the residence of Representatives were Radical Republicans and also desired to punish the southern for causing the American civil War. The Congress repetitively the fairly lenient plans of Presidents Lincoln and Johnson to reunite the country upon the war"s conclusion.

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