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Antonio López de Santa Anna
Antonio López de Santa Anna, daguerreotype.
Courtesy of the san Jacinto Museum of background Association, san Jacinto Monument, Texas

Conventions organized by the Texas homesteaders in 1832 and also 1833 brought about resolutions petitioning the Mexican federal government for an expansion of the tariff exemption, for bureaucratic separation from Coahuila (that is, the facility of Texas together a state depend itself), and for the repeal the the law preventing Anglo-American immigration. In an answer to the requests, which to be presented by Austin in Mexico City, the Mexican government repealed the immigration law yet did no act ~ above the other requests. A letter from Austin in i m sorry he recommend Texans to overlook the government’s an answer was intercepted and also resulted in Austin’s incarceration in Mexico City for some 18 months. By the moment of his go back to Texas in 1835, events were in motion that would result in full-scale rebellion.

“Come and also take it”

Santa Anna soon transformed himself right into a centralist caudillo (dictator), at some point codifying his about-face by instead of the 1824 constitution with a new document, the Seven legislations (1836), the formally placed power in the hand of the landing aristocracy (with home qualifications created for holding office and also voting) and reconstituted the states as army districts. Indigenous the outset, Santa Anna confirmed no qualms around violently suppressing dissent, as he did in the feather of 1835 in Zacatecas in north-central Mexico, whereby his “Army of Operations” overwhelmed the neighborhood militia and also ransacked the area for some 48 hours. In September of that year, he started to reassert main control end Texas—partly out of his id that the united States had designs on gaining it—by dispatching Gen. Martín Perfecto de Cos to san Antonio through 300 come 500 troops.

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When mexico soldiers relocated on Gonzales in ~ the finish of September to take back a cannon that previously had been provided to that city for that defense against attack by aboriginal Americans, they to be initially halted at the Guadalupe flow opposite Gonzales by the existence of 18 militiamen. ~ the Texan forces swelled to outnumber their adversaries (and tested the mexican to “come and take it” ), they attacked on October 2 and forced the mexican to retreat to mountain Antonio, hence winning the Texas Revolution’s first skirmish, which happened known together the fight of Gonzales. Through mid-October a cultivation revolutionary army, at first commanded by Austin, had begun the siege of mountain Antonio. After repelling a mexican attack and then effectively counterattacking in the battle of Concepción (October 28) and also winning the Grass hit (November 26), a battle west of mountain Antonio over a mule train delivering grass for the Mexicans’ horses, the Texans tightened your siege. In the first week that December, with Mexican forces divided in between the town and also the Alamo mission, the Texans started a house-to-house assault that finished with the surrender ~ above December 11 of Cos and the mexican forces, who, as soon as paroled, withdrew south of the Rio Grande.