Walking Dead’s most Shocking moment Was also Darker In The Comics In The wade Dead comics, Shane"s death was even darker than the present as that wasn"t killed by Rick, however by his child Carl Grimes.

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Walking Dead Shane Rick
Warning! spoiler for The wade Dead television series and comic publication below!

In The go Dead comic book series, the fatality of Shane Walsh played the end much in different way than it did in the renowned television series. In the live-action show, Shane was eliminated by rick Grimes, and when he reanimates, he"s put down for great by Carl. However, in the comic series, Carl actually kills Shane in defense of his father.

The wade Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard, to adjust the groundwork for the AMC collection of the very same name. Numerous moments native the comic have been adapted to the small screen, yet the live-action collection has done a great job forging its own path in terms of making different storytelling decisions. Because that example, personalities (such as Carol) live much longer, while rather (Carl) have died - also though Carl made it to The wade Dead comic"s end. One of the best earliest alters was just how comic series had a much different ending for Shane.

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Shane stays much longer in the television series, as he"s killed in season two after trying to murder Rick. That would automatically reanimate together a walker, and be taken down by Carl. In The wade Dead #6, Shane is still dealing with jealousy of see Rick through Lori, ~ the two mutual a night together when he was previously thought to be dead. In a cook moment, Shane punches stack in the camp, top Grimes to chase him together he runs into the woods. Once Rick records up to Shane, he has a gun pulled on him. As Shane speak him he has no family members or place now in the group, he tells rick he was never ever meant come live. As he traction up his gun, Shane is shoot in the neck by Carl, who adhered to them right into the woods.

having a nine-year-old death Shane was lot darker than the TV"s interpretation of his death. Nobody his period should have to attend to killing walkers, permit alone genuine people. While that made the best decision to save his dad, the weight of ending Shane"s life would remain hefty on him for the remainder of the series - also if he knew what he did to be right. Stack would later on revisit Shane"s gravesite to protect against the reanimated version of his former friend.

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In a zombie apocalypse, one would mean the an initial time part was required to fire a gun would certainly be in ~ a reanimated corpse. However, Carl was forced to death Shane as he was around to kill his dad - who just came ago after he already thought the was shed once. Carl was compelled to immediately grow increase at the moment and also saw his childhood disappear as shortly as that fired the shot. In The walking Dead comic series, Shane"s fatality was lot darker and a long-lasting impact on Carl Grimes.