Pikachu is easily the most well known Pokemon as the mascot that the franchise, even getting that own video game last year through Pokemon Let’s walk Pikachu. Those who had actually a save paper for the game could get a Pikachu in the brand-new Pokemon Sword and Sword through a distinct Gigantamax form, however that come at the price of no being able to evolve it. You have the right to still capture a wild Pikachu and evolve the though, and also this guide will detail how you have the right to do that.

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How to Evolve Pikachu right into Raichu

Ever because the very first Pokemon games with Red and also Blue, Pikachu has had actually a different method of development than just leveling the up. You can level Pikachu every the means up to level 99 and also it’ll never evolve that way.

Instead, you will have to use a distinct evolution rock to gain Pikachu to evolve right into Raichu. That particular stone friend will need is a Thunder Stone, which this guide covers exactly how you can obtain one in Pokemon Sword and also Shield.

Once you have obtained the Thunder Stone, go into your bag and also select the Thunder rock item. Now, you deserve to look come the left and see the list of Pokemon in her party. Make sure Pikachu is in your party first of all. When Pikachu is, select Pikachu v the stone, which need to say Compatible. If girlfriend accidentally got the Pikachu from Let’s walk here, it will instead say Incompatible, for this reason make sure you gain the best one.

Once you usage the Thunder rock on Pikachu, it will evolve into Raichu. This can not be advanced into the Alolan type of Raichu prefer this, which you would have actually seen in Pokemon Sun and also Moon. Because that this, you’ll obtain the standard Electric form only Raichu that most will identify in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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