While video game Freak may have reduced plenty that Pokémon for Pokémon Sword and also Shield, you better believe the the initial meme, Magikarp, is a component of the game. This virtually useless Water-type Pokémon is arguably the worst Pokémon in the game, however his evolution, Gyarados, is among the best. Just how do you make the advancement happen, though?

The an initial thing you need to do is capture yourself a Magikarp, which deserve to be found anywhere whereby there is water and also a tiny whirlpool-looking disturbance on the water’s surface. Simply walk as much as the shore nearest the whirlpool and press A to cast your pole out and there’s a high opportunity you will encounter a Magikarp. Bear in psychic that making use of your Rotom cycle will reason the whirlpool to disappear.

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In vault games, this to be a real nightmare as you would have to either use Rare candies or store swapping Magikarp in and out of battle to gain it EXP. Many thanks to the EXP share of Sword and also Shield, you simply need to have Magikarp in your party and also it will acquire heaps the EXP and also reach level 20 in no time. There room a million other means of levelling up her Pokémon in Sword and also Shield really quickly, too.

You can likewise catch a Gyarados normally in Pokémon Sword and Shield, but you will require to have actually made a tonne that progress very first as girlfriend will need the come go and also battle the in the water via her Rotom Bike. You acquire the upgraded bike soon after beating Melony.

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Gyarados is a Water and also Flying-type Pokémon in Sword and Shield. This way that they are an extremely effective against Fire and Ground-type Pokémon, however are weak versus Electric and also Rock-type Pokémon. Meanwhile, Magikarp just does his best.