Earth is the third planet from the Sun and is likewise known together “Blue Planet” together it harbors life on it. Earth is tilted in ~ an edge of 23.5 degrees. That is the fifth-largest planet in the Solar System. The largest planet is Jupiter, and then come Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune. The water consist of 71% of the earth’s surface.

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Morning, afternoon, evening, and also night space the four parts the the day. Morning is the time between 5 come 8 a.m., Afternoon is the time in between 1 to 5 pm, evening is the part between 5 come 7 pm, and also Night is the moment from 9 to 4 pm. Everyday greetings are likewise said, or collection according to the time part, such together if it is 11 am, we greet a human with “Good morning”, and also the same rules go with various other time parts.

Evening vs Afternoon

The difference between Evening and Afternoon is the of time difference, where Evening occurs between 5 pm to 7 pm, Afternoon is between 1 afternoon to 5 pm, moreover, the is prior to Evening.


Parameters that ComparisonEveningAfternoonPart the the dayThe night is the part of the day when the clock’s hand is between 5 to 7 pm.The afternoon is between the time 1 come 5 pm.Occurs atThe evening occurs at Twilight, or Dusk, which method at the time as soon as the sunsets.Whereas, top top the other hand, the afternoon starts when the sun begins to descend indigenous its peak.GreetingsThe greeting supplied when that is Afternoon is, “Good afternoon!”While, ~ above the other hand, the greeting offered is “Good evening!”SunBoth evening and also afternoon are marked by the sun’s movement, night occurs when the sun’s light starts decreasing top it to Dusk.Whereas, ~ above the other hand, Afternoon is marked by the decrease of daylight.

Evening is that component of the day that occurs at the finish of the Afternoon, i.e. At 5 pm. The details time at which the evening begins, counts upon a factor, the is, the location. The timings the the night are never constant, in other words, that keeps on transforming throughout the year.It may also be characterized as the last part of the day, after i beg your pardon the sun sets., although the is the 2nd last component of a day, if taken as a whole. The word “Evening” is acquired from Old English, whereby it way “the coming of evening, sunset, time around sunset”. The word has been in use due to the fact that the 15th century.In some languages, the greetings are done as per the time of the day, such as human being usually greet one another by saying “Good evening!’, however, that is additionally used once it is night because a human being cannot say “Good night!” as it would certainly not be grammar correct, therefore, they greet by saying “Good evening!”

The afternoon is the time part from 5 come 8 pm. That is the time part just prior to the evening, and also after-noon, i.e. 12. In other words, the is described as the period between noon and also evening. According to this definition, that occurs in between noon and evening, yet the timings of noon and also evening keep on changing which leader to the readjust in the timings of the afternoon together well. However, evening has no standard deviation however it is socially embraced as component of the day between 5 to 8 pm.In the afternoon, the sun is low angle hence, the is bright and also glaring. There room a couple of effects ~ above life that are caused because of the afternoon, such as Hormone, human body temperature, and also Alertness.

Main Differences in between Evening and also Afternoon

Evening begins when the Afternoon ends, whereas, Afternoon starts after-noon and ends with the Evening.Evening is the time once the sunlight sets, or at Twilight, ~ above the other hand, the Afternoon is the time as soon as the sun starts descending from its peak.The evening starts in ~ 5-6 pm and also lasts roughly 8 pm, whereas, top top the other hand, the Afternoon begins after-noon, and comes to an end approximately 5 pm.Evening starts when the world usually come earlier from work, and start the preparation of dinner, and also ultimately retires come bed in ~ the finish of Evening, conversely, the Afternoon end at this time.Evening is categorized v Dusk, whereas, top top the various other hand, the Afternoon is categorized with the descending of the Sun.

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Both Evening and Afternoon are the parts of the day, and are categorized through timings, or clock. Afternoon occurs before Evening, which way it begins with the finish of the Afternoon, right here the sunlight sets, i.e. Dusk.The timings of Evening, however, depends upon the location and also keeps on changing throughout the year. Whereas, ~ above the other hand, Afternoon, which is likewise known as Lunchtime. In straightforward words, that is the time just after noon, i.e. 12. That is the time when the sunlight starts to descend native its peak.


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