Smallville: when Each key Character uncovered Clark to be Superman Here"s how every key character in Smallville found the truth around Clark Kent (Tom Welling) being an alien through super strength (in order).

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Tom Welling Smallville Superman
just how did each of the main personalities in Smallville find out the truth around Clark Kent (Tom Welling) being Superman? Like most superhero stories, one of the many important aspects of Smallville to be Clark"s an enig identity. Because the pilot episode, Clark tried difficult to safeguard the secret of his powers and his Kryptonian heritage indigenous the people around him, but there were times once Clark one of two people failed come hide the truth, or to be compelled to come clean.

Because the Superman"s morality, he"ll always be known as the huge Blue boy Scout, yet throughout many of Smallville, Clark discovered himself in positions where he had actually to lie and keep secrets from the civilization closest come him. The damage that Clark"s lies did to his relationship were an important part of the first six periods of the series. Despite his finest efforts, however, the truth concerning his an enig identity was found by various main personalities throughout the show"s run.

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During the show"s ten-season run, Clark met a variety of people that he was able to be moral with. V some, Clark came clean willingly, while others had actually to uncover out the fact on their own. Here"s how all the main personalities who knew Clark"s an enig on Smallville first uncovered who he yes, really was (in order).

Pete Ross (Season 2)

Sam Jones III together Pete Ross in Smallville
In Smallville season 1, the only human being Clark might talk to about his powers were his parents, Jonathan (John Schneider) and Martha (Annette O"Toole). That readjusted in season 2 once Clark"s ideal friend, Pete Ross (Sam Jones III), uncovered Clark"s spaceship ~ it gained swept up in the tornado indigenous the season 1 finale. Pete want to phone call people about the ship, forcing Clark come come up with excuses to protect against him. Once Clark was blamed for the ship"s suddenly disappearance, Clark called Pete his secret, learning that it to be the only method to keep their friendship. Pete assisted Clark save his secret in seasons 2 and 3, however the burden it presented at some point got the ideal of him. Come escape from it, Pete left the series in the penultimate episode of season 3.

In a season 4 episode, Clark"s girlfriend Alicia (Sarah Carter) came to be determined to leak his secret to the world, so she tricked Clark into using his strength in front of Chloe Sullivan (Allison Mack). Chloe watched in shock together Clark captured a automobile with his ceiling hands. Hope he would tell her around his capability on his own, Chloe said nothing, and also assumed the Clark was meteor-infected. After ~ unintentionally following Clark come the Fortress of Solitude, Chloe knew the there was an ext to his mystery than she realized. After conserving Chloe from freezing to fatality in the Fortress, Clark ultimately told Chloe everything in the season 5 premiere — and from climate on, she offered as Clark"s closest ally.

After communicating with among the Kryptonian Stones the Power, Lionel ended up being a vessel of Jor-El (voiced through Terence Stamp). V the link that was created by the Stone, Jor-El had the ability to take control of Lionel and use him come resurrect Clark once he was eliminated in season 5. It to be revealed that once Jor-El occupied Lionel"s body, the left behind several of his Kryptonian understanding (including the truth about Clark"s identity) in Lionel"s mind. Later on in the season, Lionel confessed come Clark the he knew he to be Kal-El. Despite it took time because that Clark and Martha to trust the previous villain, he never ever stopped trying to prove himself to the Kents.

One episode after his advent to the series, Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley) was breaking right into a museum as Green arrow when he was intercepted through Clark, who supplied his strength to stop him. Oliver, that witnessed Clark"s strength firsthand, make the efforts to to convince him to usage his abilities to advantage the world, rather than just his friend in Smallville. Oliver ended up being the an initial (and only) significant character to figure out Clark"s secret within just one illustration of meeting him.

Lana Lang (Season 6)

Clark spent six periods agonizing over what to do around Lana (Kristin Kreuk) and his secret. Several obstacles prevented him from telling her, ranging from his own fear that she would certainly blame him for the death of her parents, come his concern that knowing the reality would be too much of a load for she to bear. In season 5, Clark finally told her and proposed. Unfortunately, this decision was undone when Clark had to turn ago time to avoid her indigenous dying. Together a result, Clark retained his secret hidden from her for one more year.

In season 6, Lana — that knew Clark was hiding other ever because she experienced him save her native the tornado — made decision that if he wouldn"t tell her the truth, she would uncover it on she own. After setup a catch for Clark on the job of her wedding come Lex (Michael Rosenbaum), she observed him using his powers. She believed this was the totality story, till Clark told her that he was from another planet in the season 6 finale. Clark admitted to Lana in season 7 the he had no idea why the was ever before worried the she wouldn"t understand.

Lex Luthor (Season 7)

After ending up being a full-fledged rogue in season 7, Lex murdered his father and also plunged self deeper into the mystery of the Traveler, the name offered to the extraterrestrial who pertained to Earth in the meteor shower. After finding the location of the Fortress that Solitude and uncovering a means to gain regulate over the Traveler, Lex inquiry Brainiac (in the guise that Laura Vandervoort"s Supergirl) who the Traveler was. Brainiac responded, "don"t you currently know?" implying that all the ideas were right in former of him. Lex apparently placed the pieces together, and also was not surprised once Clark confronted him in the Fortress for your final fight in the finale.

Davis Bloome (Sam Witwer), the human kind of Doomsday, endured from blackouts and also was unaware because that a long time that he to be a Kryptonian monster produced to kill Clark. Tess, believing the Clark had actually to kill Doomsday to end up being the hero he was fated come be, called Davis about his destiny and his connection to Clark toward the finish of season 8.

Tess Mercer (Season 8)

tress Mercer (Cassidy Freeman) knew there was something up v Clark once she pertained to Smallville to replace Lex in season 8. Lex"s obsession through Clark and also the details he had actually on him was enough to provide her a few clues. She also orchestrated a airplane crash to pressure Clark right into exposing his abilities, however her plan didn"t work. Towards the end of season 8, she uncovered Lionel"s journal and found out every little thing she essential to know around Clark. When she told Clark the she knew the truth, he didn"t trust her in ~ first; however, in time, Clark gained sufficient confidence in Tess to invite she to join Smallville"s Justice League.

Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore) began to suspect that Clark to be the Red-Blue Blur (Clark"s vigilante identification for season 8), as soon as his research right into the hero"s rescues sharp him directly at Clark. Clark temporary alleviated Jimmy"s suspicions by arranging for Oliver come pose as the Red-Blue Blur, however the truth was exposed as soon as Jimmy observed him cure from a wound in the season 8 finale. Unfortunately, though, Jimmy wasn"t in ~ above Clark"s mystery for long. The was killed by Davis in the same episode, top Clark to renounce his humanity.

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Lois lane (Season 9)

From periods 2 to season 6, Clark had actually to fend off inquiries from a suspiciously Lana, yet he didn"t have actually the same problem with Lois roadway (Erica Durance), who continued to be oblivious come Clark"s secret identity for most of the series. Things took a rotate in the Smallville season 9 finale, once Clark (as the Blur) conserved Lois native Zod (Callum Blue) and also kissed her. After he left, Lois had the ability to tell indigenous the kiss the Clark to be the Blur every along. However, she didn"t call Clark about this, and also just as Chloe did in season 4, she waited for Clark to tell she himself. Beforehand in season 10, Clark confessed to Lois the he to be the Blur, and also was surprised to uncover out the she currently knew.