When walk AMF buy Harley-Davidson?

In the year that 1969, the AMF corporation (American machine and Foundry) initially took over manufacturing of Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Prior to the salvation of Harley-Davidson, AMF was a manufacturing company of bowling equipment, tennis rackets, and also other to chat items. AMF basically tossed the then-financially shaky Harley-Davidson a financial life preserver, and maintained property of the motorcycle agency for a dozen years.

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What happened in The Harley-Davidson"s AMF Years?

During the ’70s, through the American economic situation in a recession, Japanese bikes favor Yamaha and also Honda to be proving to be really popular v consumers. This created far-ranging tension in ~ the company, which caused the firm coming earlier to its original owners in the 1980’s.

In February 1981, a group of Harley-Davidson senior executives purchase Harley-Davidson from AMF. Driven by passion and a true id in the brand, the executives to be able to rescue the company from debt. while AMF’s come did save Harley-Davidson from imminent bankruptcy, the AMF years were arguably the most not-so-fond duration in Harley-Davidson’s history. While over there were, and also still are plenty of fans of the AMF-era Harleys, there were likewise lots that Harley purists who weren"t also thrilled through the whole idea the a sporting products manufacturer producing the ic American motorcycle.


AMF was an initial highly well-known for your bowling equipment and the sporting goods.

Challenged by much less Expensive and an ext Refined Japanese Competitors

During the years that AMF owned Harley-Davidson, assorted Japanese, British, German, and Italian motorcycle manufacturers were additionally producing bikes the the motorcycling public was an extremely receptive to. In addition to developing the smaller sized bikes the they had actually made for years, these companies started producing bigger street and touring bikes. The Honda 750, the Yamaha 650, Triumph 650, and Kawasaki Mach III cycles were providing some actual competition for the Harleys the were being developed under the watch of AMF. The Honda 750 models in particular, to be proving come be big sellers, and the bikes were beginning to be customized together choppers.

Hard time When construct Quality and Reliability Deteriorated

There to be rumblings of discontent worrying the workmanship and reliability the the AMF-era Harleys amongst some owner of the machines. It to be commonly believed that the company sold out to this firm America, bring about the in its entirety quality and also image the the machines and the brand come dip reduced than ever before before. AMF did store the Harley name going v those lean years, though. Even though the sales competition from the international manufacturers was intense, Harley-Davidson remained as the top-selling brand that heavyweight motorcycles.


Vintage advertisement for one Aermacchi 350 / Harley-Davidson.

Some Bright point out of Amf Harley Davidson Motorcycles native 1960s to 1971

The Italian-made Aermacchi Motorcycles

Beginning in the early on 1960s, Harley-Davidson created a line of smaller bikes that were in reality Italian-made Aermacchi motorcycles the were redesigned and also branded as Harleys. AMF ongoing to produce these models till 1978, when the division was marketed to Italian motorcycle agency Cagiva.

The 350 CC SX-350 version in 1971

The 65 cc M-65, the 100 cc Baja, and the 125 cc Rapido models were all developed by Harley-Davidson till 1972. The 250 cc Sprint model cycle the was produced throughout most of the 1960s was basically reintroduced together the 350 cc SX-350 model in 1971.

The Harley-Davidson Golf Carts


Ah, what every motorcycle enthusiast needs in your life, a Harley-Davidson golf cart.

AMF likewise continued to create a pre-existing line of Harley-Davidson three-wheeled and four-wheeled golf carts during the years that it ran the company.

The Company"s most Influential assets - the FX at sight Glide in 1971



Harley-Davidson"s 1200cc at sight Glide FX.

In 1971, the FX 1200 supervisor Glide made its first appearance. The an initial custom/cruiser an equipment produced by Harley-Davidson, this bike to be a hybrid Sportster/big pair model. Return sales the this bike to be somewhat slow at first, the at sight Glide and also its succeeding variations proved to it is in quite famous with motorcycle consumers.

Production the Harley-Davidson snowmobiles also began in 1971, and continued with 1975.


Yup, they do Harley-Davidson snowmobiles!

AMF Harley Davidson Motorcycles native 1973 to the end of 1981

The iconic Models Bicentennial Liberty execution in 1976

A huge step forward for Harley-Davidson arisen in 1973 when the agency opened a brand-new assembly plant in York, Pennsylvania.

Designed to commemorate America"s bicentennial, Harley-Davidson exit a limited edition line of bikes referred to as the Bicentennial Liberty execution in 1976. Through their special commemorative decals, these bikes were generally well-received by their owners and also motorcycle reviewers alike.

Only 650 Confederate execution were ever produced between the different models Harley-Davidson had to sell at the time.

Rarest and also Most Controversial Harley-Davidson Models - The Confederate Edition series in 1977

One of the rarest and also most controversial Harley-Davidson models was produced during the year following the bicentennial. In 1977, AMF-Harley created a limited edition heat of bikes known as the "Confederate Edition" series.

The "Confederate Edition" line contained silver-painted Sportsters, Electra Glides, and also Super Glides that were factory-accessorized v decals that the rebel flag. Between the various models, a total variety of approximately 650 of these bikes were produced.

After a civil legal rights complaint to be lodged versus Harley-Davidson for its usage of a culturally insensitive symbol, the company decided to avoid using the Confederate flag price on that is products, including the "Confederate Edition" models.

The Harley-Davidson XLCR-1000 was released in 1977.

Café Racer Motorcycle - the XLCR in 1977

Harley-Davidson also introduced a 1000 cc coffee shop racer model recognized as the XLCR in 1977. Return the version is famous with collectors these days, the was mostly ignored earlier when it to be released. Sales numbers for the XLCR were low, and the model was stop in 1979.

The XR-750 gyeongju Bike between 1972 and 1980

Evel Knievel going down hard and his Xr750 following right behind after a successful 90 mph jump over 13 buses in ~ Wembley stadium - 1975.

The XR-750 racing bike debuted in 1970, then was reintroduced with an all-new alloy engine in 1972. The XR-750 was produced in several model years between 1972 and also 1980. This AMF-era Harley model was the kind of motorcycle that stunt rider Evel Knievel used for his motorcycle jumps in the 1970s. After ~ 1980, through the background of the Harley-Davidson evolution Engine just the engine native this dirt track racing bike model became available.

The FXS Low rider in 1977


Harley-Davidson"s FXB Sturgis version was released in 1980.

Among the other noteworthy models the were produced by Harley-Davidson during the AMF years to be the FXS Low rider in 1977, the "Fat Bob" in 1979, and the 80 cubic-inch FXB Sturgis design in 1980.

AMF sold Harley-Davidson in 1981

The AMF association v Harley-Davidson motorcycles ended in 1981 when AMF sold the firm to a group of investors including Willie G. Davidson, the grandson of firm co-founder william A. Davidson.

The Harley-Davidson buy earlier from AMF meeting happened in 1981.

The brand-new owners of the agency reinvigorated Harley-Davidson through a sense of rebirth and also independence that hugely boosted agency morale. Having had actually an possibility to totally free itself from a bigger corporate owner, Harley-Davidson was back, through a whole brand-new philosophy and quest because that excellence.

Lowbrow Customs" AMF Motorcycle Grips (Ain"t Motorcycles Fun?), motivated by 1970"s era Harley-Davidsons.

What taken place in The AMF years" Harley-Davidson Signatures?

Many the the fuel tanks on Harley-Davidsons made throughout the AMF year featured vibrant three or four-color designs. A solid-color lift on these tanks is generally accented through a rectangular Harley-Davidson surname plate, and two or 3 different-colored horizontal lines.

That signature AMF watch to most gas tanks.

Nowadays, those AMF-era fuel tanks room much-desired item by Harley owners and also collectors that accessories concerned the motorcycle company. Come this day, a huge market exists because that all varieties of AMF-era Harley-Davidson motorcycle parts, accessories, and also advertising materials. These days, the AMF firm is focused on operating much more than 240 bowling centers throughout America.

Start"em young.

As with many things in life, there space pluses and minuses once it comes to the years that AMF own Harley-Davidson. Sure, there space some civilization who will firmly insist that the motorcycles the were make by Harley-Davidson throughout the AMF years were no as well-made together Harley Davidson models from other eras.

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There are several other people, however, who have owned, or tho do own AMF-era Harleys, and are an extremely happy v their machines. One thing is for sure, the years that Harley-Davidson to be owned through AMF were amazing times.

"One thing is for sure, the years the Harley-Davidson to be owned by AMF were interesting times."