Alcohol consumption while acquisition medication often brings concerns from patients and healthcare professionals alike. Alcohol absolutely can interact with medicine in a range of methods including changing how they space metabolized or augmenting/diminishing the to plan effect. See listed below for our recent question and also answer concerning alcohol consumption while taking the Klonooin (clonazepam).

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Matthew asked

Last night i had around 8 alcohol addict drinks until my critical one at around 10pm. Ns haven"t had a drink all day today and also I take it klonopin 1mg tablet computers for stress as needed. Is it safe for me to take my dose appropriate now? It"s 8:30pm therefore it has been nearly 24 hours since my last alcoholic drink. Also, when is a good window for spacing the end drinking and also klonopin?


There is a medicine interaction between Klonopin (clonazepam) and alcohol, and they have to not be supplied together. Both alcohol and also Klonopin are associated with CNS (central worried system) depression. The combined use of alcohol and Klonopin have the right to lead come additive CNS depression, which have the right to be very dangerous. Possible effects include:

Decreased mental alertnessRespiratory depressionHypotension (low blood pressure)Profound sedationComa

Klonopin (clonazepam) is classified together a benzodiazepineand has actually a fairly quick beginning of action of about 20 come 60 minutes. The term of activity of Klonopin is around 6 to 8 hrs in children and up come 12 hrs in adults.

While the results of Klonopin typically last 6 come 12 hours, the half-life that the drug (i.e. Time that takes for 50% of the drug to it is in metabolized) is substantially longer, around 30 to 40 hours.

Some sources put the half-life at end 50 hours. Generally, the is thought that that takes at the very least 5 half-lives for a medicine to it is in considered completely metabolized. Therefore, it will take in ~ leastfour to five days because that Klonopin to be fully metabolized and also eliminated from the body.

Klonopin, top top its own and also at normal doses, is an extremely unlikely to cause far-reaching respiratory depression. However, taking extr medications that room CNS depressants (like alcohol) considerably increases the threat of dangerous and even fatal respiratory depression. That is why that is so crucial to use excessive caution (or protect against altogether) combine of CNS depressants choose alcohol, opioids, and also benzodiazepines.

In order to stop consuming alcohol through Klonopin completely, it would be important to abstain from drinking because that at least 4 to 5 days based upon the half-life the Klonopin. However, over there isn"t much data accessible to appropriately determine how long the respiratory depressive impacts of Klonopin last after dosing.

The results on respiration don"t show up to last because that the duration of time the medicine is detectable in the body, yet this isn"t conclusive. If you room looking come consume alcohol while on Klonopin therapy, it would be prudent come speak v your doctor for advice in your particular situation.

If you space looking to know a time-frame for when it is for sure to take it Klonopin after drink alcohol, it generally isn"t a great idea to use the generally held dominion of ignorance that the takes around 1 hour, an average, to metabolize one alcoholic drink.

A traditional "drink" of alcohol is identified by the nationwide Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism as:

12 ounces of continuous beer (~5% alcohol)5 ounces of wine (~12% alcohol)1.5 ounces the distilled spirits (~40% alcohol)

It isn"t a an excellent idea to use the "one hour come metabolize"one drink" dominance when do the efforts to identify when it is safe to take connecting medication since it is simply a very rough estimate and also many determinants (e.g. Gender, wellness status, concomitant medications) play a duty in how any type of one individual will procedure alcohol.

Additionally, the results of alcohol ~ above the body room not sought it has been metabolized by ours body. There room a variety of byproducts produced, which have actually a range of effects, especially on sleep (e.g. It have the right to suppress REM sleep) and breathing.

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Nevertheless, in her situation, having actually been 24 hrs after her last drink, it more than likely is for sure to proceed taking your Klonopin as prescribed.