I’m a casual bowler who plays on my high school team. It’s my first year, and I’ve only ever played a handful of time before joining the team. I practice 2 times a week, with 2 games and a baker game each practice. I average about a 100, is this a good score for a beginner, like myself?


Most people who dont bowl normally probably throw somewhere between 70-100. With a tiny bit of practice and consistency you can easily raise that average into the 130-150 range.

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Alright, thank you. I guess I’ll just bowl a couple extra games every weekend for even more practice and try to bring my score up.

I recently took some good advice from folks on here and started to focus more on making my spares.

Rather than focus on scoring during practice, I do the 10-pin drill. Shoot at the 10 pin on your first roll. If you knock it down, shoot at the 7 pin on your 2nd roll. If you missed it, shoot at it again. Rinse and repeat for the whole game.

Use 2 games to practice the 10-pin drill. Then roll 1 or 2 normal games focusing on scoring.

I promise you, getting better at making your spares will improve your game dramatically.

Whatever is fun man! If you are having fun that's a good score for a new bowler! Just have fun and the scores will come.

Yeah, that’s the goal for me. I don’t care too much about my score, we just have fun and that’s all that really matters

My friend joined my team this year and never bowled before. Started with an 84 average, he's up to 113. He always gets really excited to crack the 150 mark. It's all about perspective. I usually tell new bowlers to focus more on technique and less on scores.

My first year of junior bowling was at 12 and I averaged 120 and threw a 14 pound ball ( though it was heavy) that ball was a hand me down from a guy who coached the league, he went on to coach me in many tournaments and helped me win a lot of scholarships, he passed away last year, he made the game fun for me and got me hooked for life. I hope to do the same someday for someone else

The first year I bowled I was fairly confident I was a 140+ bowler. I ended up being a 118/119 bowler. So for me, whenever I got a 400 series, it was a really good night.

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I think if you can average 10-15 pins over your average on a given day, it's good scoring. That's one of the things I like about bowling -- it's as much competing with yourself as it is the people on the other side of the lane.