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Soledad, California

The bulk of the story of Mice and also Men takes ar on a ranch in Soledad, California. The action is gift in only 4 settings in ~ the riverbed, in the bunk house, Crooks"s room, and also the barn i beg your pardon lends come the dramatic quality of the text.

Salinas Riverbank

The story begins and also ends in ~ the Salinas riverbank a couple of miles outside of the ranch where George and also Lennie begin working. George and Lennie camp there for the night prior to relocating on to the ranch in the morning. Reader are presented to the mens dream that owning a plot of soil there because that the very first time. George also forebodingly instructs Lennie to return to the riverbank in case he it s okay into any trouble. While in ~ the start of the story the room represents hope in the American Dream, it comes to represent the shattering of the hope as George have to shoot Lennie over there in order to protect him from Curley"s wrath at the end of the story.

The Bunk residence

Lennie, George, and also the rest of the ranch workers, other than for Crooks, live in the bunk house. Over there the men make an attempt at developing some sort of residence life and bonding with one another. The bunk house likewise serves as a symbol of upstream masculinity is the text as outsiders such together the feminine Curley"s wife and also the African-American Crooks room usually ban entry. The men are rather antsy and desire Curley"s mam to leave instantly when she makes an appearance. Steinbeck additionally reveals that Crooks has only been admitted right into the bunk residence for a vacation celebration.

Crooks Room/The Barn

Living in seclusion in a small, secluded room, Crooks resides a bitter and also lonely life in the barn, which is a dark and also foreboding ar in the story. A an important conversation takes place there in between Crooks and also Lennie the reveals to readers how greatly solitude and loneliness deserve to weigh top top a person. The Crooks is forced to live in the barn with the animals additionally demonstrates his society"s check out of African-Americans together subhuman, more fit to dwell through the pets in the barn 보다 in the bunk house with men throughout the time period.

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Finally, Lennie accidentally death Curley"s wife in the barn at the end of the story.

Setting| character Census| Plot Synopsis| crucial ReceptionCultural references | an essential Terms and Concepts