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clock the video above to learn more facts around the real animals behind "The Lion King."Following is a transcript of the video.

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Narrator: Twenty-five year after roaring right into theaters, "The Lion King" is back! This time, v a more realistic look. However is the remake really much more true-to-nature than the original? To it is in fair to Disney, castle did deal with some mistakes from the original version.

Take Rafiki. In one scene in the 1994 film, he and also Simba argue about which of castle is a baboon. Plainly Simba"s no a baboon. But no is Rafiki.

He"s a different kind of monkey altogether — a mandrill.And what"s more, Rafiki has actually a lengthy tail, yet in real life mandrills are virtually tailless. Luckily, Disney addressed this difficulty in the remake. For this reason now, Rafiki"s looks like the mandrill he"s expected to be. However unfortunately, Disney didn"t acquire the mandrills" behavior rather right.See how they"re swinging with the trees? Yeaaaaaaah. Mandrills don"t really do that.They spend most of your time ~ above the ground, and also when they carry out take come the trees, lock walk across the branches on all fours. This swinging habits is actually an ext similar to how a gibbon moves.

But enough around mandrills. What around the lions of "The Lion King"?Well, there space a few problems there, too.Take the iconic lion roar.Sounds majestic, right? as with the renowned MGM roar. Here"s the issue:A lion"s roar doesn"t sound choose that. This is a roar.It"s not rather as majestic together what friend hear in the movie, but that sound deserve to still travel up to 8 kilometers away.

Some the the lions" habits is likewise off. And also that"s not consisting of talking with ghosts.Watch exactly how Simba scampers off through his dad. It"s a poignant scene, however in actual life, Sarabi would never let Simba the end of her sight. When lion cubs execute play with their fathers, their mothers are very protective.

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And friend can"t reprimand them. Since if a new male involves town and takes over the pride, he"ll shot to kill their young cubs. Sound familiar? That"s right. Scar"s system to usurp Mufasa was in line through normal lion behavior. Except, his approaches were quite unconventional.Because lions and hyenas don"t occupational together. Ever. In fact, they"re significant competitors for food in the wild.So it"s difficult to believe that a lion can convince a horde of hyenas to carry out his dirty work.Even through a catchy rogue song.