Have you ever seen a guiro? If you’ve watched Latin American musicians perform classical songs and also tunes, you may have actually seen a vegetable-like instrument played with a stick. This is a guiro and also is well-known as one of the most famous percussion tools in Latin America. Let’s discover out much more about this unique and interesting musical instrument and also let’s learn exactly how to beat it together well.

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What is Guiro?


The complying with are provided musical artists who usage percussion instruments like the guiro. This artists are well-known in their type and genre of music, and also all space multi-awarded artists as well.

Alejandro Neciosup Acuna

Alex Acuna is a drummer and percussionist from Peru. He is well-known for playing jazz, jazz fusion, pop, and also Afro-Cuban jazz. Acuna has been energetic in the industry since he join a neighborhood band as soon as he was just ten years old. He to be 18 when he join Perez Prado and then relocated to san Juan, Puerto Rico. Acuna has operated with really popular artists prefer Elvis Presley and also diva Diana Ross.

Acuna is well-known for his countless awards and also has played different musical instruments throughout his career. That is famous for playing the drums, conga, cowbells, timpani, triangles, bombos, wood blocks, shekere, bells, castanets, djembe, darbuka, tamborim, and talking drum, to name a few.

Acuna has actually received the ideal Latin/Brazilian Percussionist by the modern-day Drummer’s readers Poll. Acuna is so popular that numerous musical instruments have been called after him. Gon Bops Percussion has restricted edition Alex Acuna distinct Edition Congas, Signature Timbales, unique Edition Cajon, Signature Cajon, distinct Edition Bongos, and Bells.

Ernesto Chico Alvarez Peraza

Another guiro player is Chico Alvarez, a Cuban north American singer that’s well-known for to sing Latin American music. Alvarez was born in brand-new York City but moved to Cuba.

He has been performing throughout the tri-state area, and also he is currently with the Afro-Cuban group Marimba. To inspire world to appreciate Latin American music, he came to be the hold of Latin jazz radio show new World collection at WBAI Pacifica Radio 99.5 FM.

Alvarez is well-known for playing different kinds of instruments, and one of this is the guiro. And also because that his dedication to Latin American music and also his exceptional contribution come his field, he has received the nationwide Federation of ar Broadcasters.

Ray Cooper

Raymond Cooper is one English music artist, a session, and tour percussionist and has worked with diverse groups such together Billy Joel, Eric Clapton, Elton John, George Harrison, and also Pink Floyd. His specialty is utilizing unusual tools such as the glockenspiel, cowbells, tubular bells, and also traditional instruments like the guiro.

Cooper is largely seen performing through a wide array that instruments. He would certainly experiment with all type of percussion instruments to achieve sonic diversity in his works. He is right into tambourines, roto toms, gongs, timpani, and also snares, to surname a few.

Paulinho da Costa

Paulo Roberto da Costa is a percussionist from Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. He is well-known as the most recorded music artist of contemporary times. He began as a samba musician and also moved come the United states in 1970, where he functioned with Sergio Mendes. He has actually received the national Academy of recording Arts and Sciences award for Most an important Player compensation for 3 years. He also received an honorary Musician’s Emeritus Award.

His favourite musical tools are all percussion instruments. That plays the conga drums, timbales, Cajon, maracas, atabaque, chimes, cowbells, shekere, log drums, samba whistle, rainmakers, cymbals, finger cymbals, every kinds the drums, wood blocks and also the guiro to surname a few.

His popularity earned the a signature Paulinho da Costa timbale stick. This to be designed for use on a variety of percussion instruments, and also one of this is the guiro.

Other noteworthy guiro players are Airto Moreira, Giovanni Hidalgo, and Joe Lala.

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You deserve to learn just how to pat the guiro through lessons available online. Most world have your own layout of play it, and you can develop your own style as well.