Refrigerant is vital for cooling refrigerators and air conditioners however it normally isn"t a aspect most human being think around when make a purchase. However, with refrigerant laws changing and certain refrigerant varieties becoming illegal, the is vital to know the differences between the types of refrigerant when it comes to replacing your refrigerator or freezer.

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What is Refrigerant?

Refrigerant is a cooling agent that absorbs heat and also leaves cool waiting behind when passed with a compressor and also evaporator. The fluctuates in between a liquid or gas state together it goes through the thermodynamic process.

How Refrigerant Works

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Here is just how refrigerant cools the within of refrigerators and also the air because that AC units:

The refrigerant starts as a liquid as soon as it passes through the expansion maker in her unit. It expands and also cools as result of the sudden drop in pressure causing it to turn right into a gas.As the gas refrigerant passes with the copper evaporator coil inside the unit, it absorbs the warmth from the commodities inside. The unit’s compressor then pulls the refrigerant gas and the took in heat far from the food products, raising the push of the gas. The hot, high-pressure refrigerant then passes through the condenser coils. Together it does so, the radiates its warmth into the atmosphere and cools back into a liquid.The fluid refrigerant reenters the expansion machine and the procedure begins again.

Types that Refrigerant

The adhering to refrigerant types are the most common you may encounter in your commercial equipment:

R-12 Refrigerant


Components: ChloroFluoroCarbons (CFC), Methane Based Uses: Refrigerators and Air ConditionersODP: 1.0GWP: High (10900)Eco-Friendly: NoFlammable: NoBanned in 1994

R-22 Refrigerant

Components: HydroChloroFluoroCarbons (HCFC), has less chlorine 보다 CFCsUses: Refrigerators and also Air ConditionersODP: 0.055GWP: tool (1810)Eco-Friendly: NoFlammable: NoWill be banned through 2030

R-290 Refrigerant

Components: HydroCarbons (HC), Propane basedUses: Refrigerators and Air ConditionersODP: 0GWP: low (6)Eco-Friendly: YesFlammable: correct

R-134a Refrigerant

Components: HydroFluoroCarbon (HFC)Uses: Refrigerators, auto Air ConditioningODP: 0GWP: 1430 (Medium)Eco-Friendly: somewhat Flammable: No

R-404A Refrigerant

Components: HydroFluoroCarbon (HFC)Uses: Freezers and Refrigerators ODP: 0GWP: High (3922)Eco-Friendly: NoFlammable: No

R-410A Refrigerant

Components: HydroFluoroCarbon (HFC) Uses: Refrigerators and Air ConditionersODP: 0GWP: tool (2088)Eco-Friendly: SomewhatFlammable: No

R-450A Refrigerant

Components: HydroFluoroOlefin (HFO)Uses: Refrigerators, vehicle Air ConditioningODP: 0GWP: medium (547)Eco-Friendly: YesFlammable: No

Environmentally familiar Refrigerants


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In order come comply with refrigerant regulations, right here are some of the more environmentally trusted refrigerants to pick from when purchasing brand-new heavy tools online:


Also well-known as care 40 Adheres come the SNAP regime passed by the EPAMay have shipping restrictions because of its flammable nature


Was made together a replacement to R-134aConsidered to it is in a high-efficiency and non-flammable optionGreat for refrigerators and beverage dispensers, vending machines, and also water chillers

R-513a Refrigerant

Also recognized as Opteon XP10Features one ODP the 0 and a short GWP that 573Is a highly efficient option for tool temperature refrigeration and air conditioning

R-600a Refrigerant

Also well-known as treatment 10 or IsobutaneBecoming increasingly well-known in commercial and also residential establishmentsFeatures an ODP the 0 and a short GWP the 3

Refrigerant and global Warming

A refrigerant’s environmental influence is measure up by the following characteristics:

Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP)

Range 0-1The closer the refrigerant actions to 1, the much more harmful that is to the ozone layerRefrigerants the contain chlorine such together Freon or CFC refrigerants space most most likely to add to ozone depletion

Global Warming Potential (GWP)

Range 0-2500+Less 보다 150 would be taken into consideration low, 150-2500 is medium, and also greater than 2500 would be a high GWPHCFC (HydroChloroFluoroCarbons) refrigerants have actually the highest possible GWP rating

Refrigerants with an ODP of 0 would certainly be considered environmentally safe but not eco-friendly since they still have the potential to add to an international warming.

Refrigerant Laws

Because the the an unfavorable impact ~ above the environment, there space refrigerant regulations in ar that have noted a selection of prohibition refrigerant and also refrigerant species that room being phased out. These are simply some of the laws in place:

R-12 refrigerant, when the most popular refrigerant ~ above the market, was banned in the early on 1990’s for contributing come the greenhouse gas effect and all production ceased in 1994.R-22 refrigerant was made in the late 1990’s to temporarily change R-12 due to its reduced ODP. Production is meant to cease in 2020 and also it will be totally illegal through 2030 come comply v the Clean Air act of 2010Refrigerant leaks need to be solved within 30 days and also refrigerant must be recaptured, recycled, and also disposed of correctly by a certified technician to stop fines.Refrigerators and also air conditioners should be disposed of properly according to EPA regulations.

Becoming acquainted with the laws and also regulations surrounding refrigeration have the right to be extremely advantageous to save you front of the trends and aid you choose the best advertising refrigeration for your business.

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