So you’re heading ubraintv-jp.come the boot-shaped soil that provided us pizza, pasta, gelato, tiramisu, truffles… and also that’s just listing the food! yes sir no doubt you’re walking to have actually a blast in Italy.

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But you deserve to make her savings go also further v a few clever choices, including just how you’ll exchange currency and also pay for points in Italy.

This guide helps you acquire a little much more savvy in your decision-making by giving you review on:

Today, Italy is a part of the eurozone – the region of European nations that use the euro as their main currency. The Vatican City additionally uses the euro together its main currency.

The money sign for the euro is € when the code is EUR. In Italy, it’s an ext ubraintv-jp.common to see the symbol ubraintv-jp.composed after the numeral, as in 10€.

The 2nd most traded currency on the world’s international exchange markets, the euro is authorize by the European main Bank.

It replaced Italy’s old currency, the Italian lira (lire as a plural), which to be legal tender till February 2002.



The euro supplies a decimal system ubraintv-jp.comprised of euros and also cents, v one euro equalling 100 cents.

The euro has eight coin denominations: one cent, two cents, 5 cents, ten cents, 20 cents, 50 cents, €1, and also €2.

Euro coins different from one nation to another within the eurozone just by their national design. In Italy, one side of every euro and cent coin features Italian icons, such as well known architecture, sculptures, or artwork.

The other side is standardised across the eurozone and also features the numerical value of the coin and also a map of the european Union. Euro money coins room valid across the eurozone, no issue their country of origin.

Euro banknotes are identical throughout the eurozone v no national design. Each banknote differs in size and colour. There space eight denominations (€5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, and also €500) return realistically just the four smaller denominations space ubraintv-jp.commonplace.

The euro’s worth fluctuates on an hourly basis, which provides it tricky to track. Its value against the Australian dollar and other currencies is impacted by a variety of factors, consisting of the supply and demand that the currency.

Our foreign money converter will give you some understanding into the euro’s real-time value. Usage it ubraintv-jp.come see just how it ubraintv-jp.compares against the AUD and find out exactly how much it prices to purchase euros v S Money.

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How to Exchange currency in Italy

Many Italian restaurants and also shops favor cash, making it essential that you have a little on hand together you travel. While it can be far better value to buy the currency prior to you walk (see our section on the below), girlfriend can additionally get money once you ubraintv-jp.come in the country.

The most well-known ways ubraintv-jp.come exchange money in Italy is by using ATMs, currency exchange outlets, or tourists cheques.


A godsend, most ATMs in Italy don’t fee the ATM operator fees you see in plenty of other countries.

Italians call financial institution ATMs banubraintv-jp.comats and also these room the ATMs there is no fees – protect against independent ATMs together they charge hefty fees.

Even if girlfriend don’t challenge ATM fees, you might still it is in hit through your own financial institution fees for using your card overseas so be sure to check out up on costs and charges prior to you go.

You’ll probably have a withdrawal border of in between €250 – €300 every day. Italian ATMs have actually been well-known to be temperamental with international cards for this reason it’s always a great idea to make certain you have some money on you at all times.

Travellers holding Westpac financial institution cards (bank cards indigenous Westpac, St George, bank of Melbourne, and BankSA) deserve to use BNP Paribas ATMs to protect against paying worldwide ATM withdrawal fees.

Currency exchanges, dubbed cambios, are available all end Italy, but the fees and also rates have the right to vary dramatically.

Currency exchange counters in ~ airports and hotels are most likely going to provide you bad exchange rates, therefore it’s better to wait till you can alternatives in town.

Keep in mind the bureaus in renowned tourist destinations, especially about famous landmarks, often give poor exchange prices and include on high or hidden fees.

Make sure the note you lug from home are in an excellent nick. Part exchange services refuse defaced or damaged banknotes.



Even despite it’s one of the most visited nations in the world, Italy is no longer an especially friendly towards travellers cheques.

They can’t be supplied as straight payment, for this reason the only method to usage them as soon as you’re in the country is ubraintv-jp.come swap castle for money at a bank or office de readjust office. Also then, very couple of banks will accept travellers cheques if you don’t have actually an account v them. And exchange services use exorbitant fees and rates to them.

So in the end, it’s much better to stick through ATM withdrawals and also currency exchanges if you’re trying to find convenience and much better value.

Chances space you’ll hit the floor running as soon as you arrive in Italy. For this reason why waste a 2nd searching because that cambios or banubraintv-jp.comats?

Save yourself some money by purchase those Italian euros back home. The 3 ideal ways to carry out this are:

Buying euros virtual to be ceded or because that you to choose up in-store.Swapping AUD for EUR in ~ a currency exchange store.Buying euros at the airport.

Try S Money or a ubraintv-jp.comparable online money exchange store to obtain rates that reflect the to you check out on XE or Google.

If you pick online delivery or in-store pickup, check the handling time. Some exchange suppliers with online options suggest you enable between two and five work to procedure currency.

Prefer in-store currency exchange? Head ubraintv-jp.come the CBD of her nearest city because that the most ubraintv-jp.competitive exchange rates; suburban office de change outlets tend to have actually poorer rates and fees.

Currency exchange counters in Australia’s airports are infamous for their atrocious exchange rates. Protect against them if you can.

ubraintv-jp.compared to many other nations in Europe and around the world, Italy stays a mostly cash-driven society.

While you can still usage your financial institution card in many establishments, countless Italian restaurants, cafes, shops, and hotels still favor cash.

Visa and also Mastercard are accepted nearly without issue across Italy, although American to express is harder ubraintv-jp.come use and you may pay a higher surcharge.

The bank card product you choose will determine how much you finish up paying in additional fees and also charges.

Hot tip: as soon as using your financial institution card, watch out for dynamic money conversion (DCC). This is wherein you’ll be asked even if it is you’d prefer to pay in the local currency or your house currency. Constantly choose the regional currency! DCC is famed to administer poor money conversion rates and you may pay additional fees for the service.

While contactless an innovation isn’t popular yet, you’ll have actually no trouble utilizing a debit card v a chip and PIN. Debit cards v magnetic strips no as widely accepted.

There’s no doubt debit cards room convenient yet you might end up payment high fees because that the currency conversion, foreign transaction, and also overseas ATM withdrawals.

Some good debit cards v ubraintv-jp.competitive exchange rates and also low fees include:

All major credit cards are embraced in Italy, yet American refer is much less recognised 보다 Visa or Mastercard.

Brush increase on the prices of making use of your credit card overseas. Utilizing credit cards in ATMs, for example, can incur overseas withdrawal fees and also cash advance fees.

Also, don’t rely on your credit card alone; many smaller trattorias, pensioni, and also pizzerias are cash-only.

For the best credit map for travellers, consider the 28 levels credit card.

It’s natural to gravitate towards a prepaid take trip card, considering the product is designed for travellers.

But while friend may obtain a back-up card for security and also save on money conversion fees, girlfriend might additionally end up paying in load and reload fees, inactivity fees, and ATM withdrawal fees native the card

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The Revolut and TransferWise debit cards space your ideal option if you favor to lock in your currency and also load a prepaid quantity onto her card.

It’s handy to cost out her trip prior to you go so you understand just exactly how much money ubraintv-jp.come exchange. Price vary across Italy but here space some median costs: