A crowd of as much as 100 teenagers collapses surging in the direction of the enntrance gate of youth disco. Police advice the public not to article footage on society media and report to police

Three teenagers have passed away from injuries sustained once “dozens the panicked youngsters” stampeded exterior a youth disco in ~ Greenvale Hotel in Cookstown, ar Tyrone, in north Ireland. The to like of young world left some involved pinned come the ground because that 20 minutes.

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Those killed have not yet been identified but it has been revealed the victim were 2 boys age 16 and 17 and also one girl, additionally aged 17. The three died after a huge crowd of world pushed us against the Hotel’s entrance resulting in dozens to loss to the soil on optimal of one another.



A 16-year-old girl is in a stable condition in hospital while a further two teens were treated for injuries.

Witnesses told the Ulster Herald that as much as 100 teenagers were propelled off your feet and trapped. Witnesses attempted to pull teens out of the crush to resuscitate lock while they waited because that emergency services. The event took ar at around 9.30pm on march 17, St. Patrick’s Day.

On Sunday there were also reports indigenous police that fighting in the crowds with one human being saying they were assaulted. A 16-year-old girl is in a stable condition in hospital complying with the occurrence at the hotel in Cookstown, ar Tyrone. A more two teenagers were treated because that injuries.

The PSNI claimed two 17-year-olds and one 16-year-old after the occurrence at the Greenvale Hotelhttps://t.co/ogYXVTTFDl pic.twitter.com/RBu8vMfyeK

— The irish News (
irish_news) in march 18, 2019

A teen spoke come the Ulster Herald around the experience, explaining that he had actually been stuck, pinned come the soil under the crowd.

“It was the worst thing I’ve ever before experienced, yes, really frightening. Ns traumatized and after this, ns don’t understand if I ever before want come go out again,” the teen said.

He said the crowd had actually been wait at the gate, the enntrance gate to the disco once the crowd began swaying from next to side. He claimed there was then a sirloin forward the queue of world collapsed. World fell come the ground.

The teen claimed “There must have been 20 or 30 who fell very first and then anyone else just followed. I’d say there was more than 100 who were in that queue and fell.

“I was pinned down with others on top of me. We must have actually been there on the ground for 20 minutes can not to move. It was absolutely terrible.

“I didn’t understand what was going to occur or exactly how I’d acquire out. Eventually, ns was pulled out and thankfully had the ability to walk away.

“There were ambulances and also police every around. I can see them providing one human being CPR treatment.”

Speaking in ~ the step Police business of northern Ireland Assistant chef Constable note Hamilton said, “Our preliminary investigations present there to be a crush in the direction of the front door that this hotel, and also in the crush world seem to have fallen.

Three civilization have now passed away as a an outcome of occurrence at Greenvale Hotel, Cookstown last night, 17 March. Assistant chef Constable mark Hamilton, in Cookstown this morning, states a major investigation is currently underway yet preliminary information suggests a crush took place. Pic.twitter.com/dr0EKXToKN

— PSNI (
PoliceServiceNI) march 18, 2019

“There appeared to it is in a small bit of struggling walk on come get civilization up turn off the ground and that can explain also why there was a report of some fighting.”

There was initial confusion over the step in county Tyrone as the hotel’s DJ denied there’s to be a crush and claimed a “number the young people had become seriously ill.”

Emma Heatherington (42) the Donaghmore whose two sons (17 and 18) had been at the disco, spoke the everyday Mail. She explained how she had “felt sick” once she the appeal, top top Twitter, indigenous police because that parents come come and pick up their children.

#Greenvale #Cookstown

PSNI appeal for human being to stop posting rumours on society media as they deal with an continuous incident. Pic.twitter.com/i36PdjossM

— Darran Marshall (
DarranMarshall) march 17, 2019

Heatherington said “My two boys to be there so i rang them, shaking and thankfully gained them both. They to be on their means home at that stage.

“They say there was a huge crowd wait to acquire into the venue and also then a the majority of commotion up close to the prior of the queue.

“Then they said the emergency solutions arrived and they were every asked to leave. Castle came home very, an extremely shaken through rumors that some people had died.”

She included “While it"s not clear exactly what happened, it"s the most tragic ending imaginable come what was claimed to be a solemn event of St Patrick"s Day.”

Assistant cook Constable Hamilton added, “We are proceeding to interview civilization who were there to develop the full facts and I would certainly appeal to anyone that witnessed what taken place to contact police top top 101 ext 52014.

“We require parents to speak to their kids this morning and encourage them come come and also tell us what happened. Please carry out not short article photographs or videos online. Please share them v the PSNI.”

PoliceServiceNI say the preliminary investigation says there was a crush in ~ the prior of the hotel. Two boys & a girl died. They were aged 16 & 17 #Greenvale #Cookstown pic.twitter.com/DfcTOKEn5k

— Darran Marshall (
DarranMarshall) march 18, 2019

Former democratic Unionist Member of parliament for southern Antrim, william McCrea stated “We"ve obtained to see what lessons can be learned from this tragedy.

“I drove previous this ten minutes before it happened, not knowing that ten minutes later on an absolute tragedy would happen.

“The world that I"ve talked to, they"re an extremely shocked. It"s a close-knit community.”

Ulster Unionist Councillor Trevor Wilson said the Belfast Telegraph the Cookstown neighborhood is in a state the shock following the incident.

“These young world were heading out to gain themselves and celebrate top top St Patrick’s night and also then this tragedy unfolds. It’s difficult to take in what has happened," that said.

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“I spent many of the night in ~ the scene and also can say the the emergency solutions did whatever they could to help those who were in distress. Young people and their parents have actually been traumatized and will require a many support in the comes days.

"The Cookstown community is in a state the shock at what has actually happened yet I understand that they will certainly rally ring to provide whatever support they can."

SDLP MLA Patsy McGlone claimed "This is truly every family"s worst nightmare. My thoughts and also prayers are with the deceased and their love ones in ~ this destructive time."