Glass is my favorite surface to create on. I deserve to do for this reason many creative projects together as brand glass jars, make pretty wedding signages and even create welcome notes on my glass doors! If blackboards room perfect for rustic settings, glass plank are just the point you need for a modern aesthetic.

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This cheap glass marker collection that consists of 8 various colors of mite in one fill is advertised as a alcohol glass marker. Execute you know how in parties, your glass constantly gets mixed up with others when you collection it under on a table? perform you regularly wonder i beg your pardon one is yours? This mite solves that problem. However, I discover that that is an ext versatile than that. That is more than just a alcohol glass marker.

I actually prefer this marker on mirrors as well. You can write reminders and also even affirmations on her bathroom mirror. It remains there even when her bathroom mirror gets fogged up and only goes away if friend wipe it v a cloth or a tissue. The squid dries up reasonably well and doesn’t smear even when you compose on your wine glass and your hand touch the writings frequently.

I uncover the metallic colors so festive. Gold and also silver space perfect because that fancier letterings. However, some of the various other colors will have to be provided twice prior to you can acquire your desired depth color. The colors often tend to look washed out, especially if you write on sweaty glasses. I likewise find the if you space decorating a wine glass that contains light-colored white like white wine or rosé, the no longer easy to view the markings. They room vivid against dark-colored cocktail drinks and also red wine though.

These markers are basic to use and also a huge hit in ~ parties. Guests have fun decorating their own glasses. It’s a good conversation-starter. I uncover that that is much easier to simply write on the glasses prior to you pour anything top top it. You should hand out the glasses and also ask your guests come “personalize” them before pouring them a drink.

As for cleaning the up, ns didn’t really execute anything unique to get rid of the marks. Castle come turn off with just a swipe. Sometimes, the guests also just directly put the glasses in the dishwasher and also the works came turn off without issues.

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I like exactly how these markers room non-toxic. I would worry around them if they gain in the dishwasher but because there space no harmful contents in them, that’s in reality one much less thing to concern about.