i m really sorry if it"s a trivial question, but when someone supplies what"s up as a greeting I have no idea what they want to hear. What space the possible answers and what walk this question typical exactly?



“What’s up?” is a greeting whose definition is greatly irrelevant in that the asker doesn’t want response to the literal inquiry which way something favor “What is new?” or “What’s happening (right now/in her life)?”.

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The simplest response if girlfriend don’t have actually information you desire to share instantly with the asker is probably just to speak something choose “not much”, “not too much”, or “hey (man/dude)”. If you’re readily available “what’s up” in solution to a greeting of her own, you have to read it as a request for friend to proceed to the content part of what you desire to talk about.


"Not much, how about you?"

Unless, the course, you space in the middle of other exceptional.

It"s simply a greeting definition "What is happening?", and a reply that nothing"s happening means you"re fine.


That is an expression the has around as much meaningfulness together "How are you?" or "How"s that going?" All, consisting of "What"s up?" are supplied as greetings. Now, each have the right to be bring away literally where someone may want come truly know "how girlfriend are", particularly if you"ve to be sick, for instance, however all those terms are very commonly used together with the traditional greeting words, "Hi, "Hello", "Hey".


What"s up? - "Not much, how around with you?"

How room you? - "Fine, and also you?"

How"s it going? - "OK. How"s that going through you?"


Depends on the ton in i m sorry it"s inquiry - with the appropriate tone, it deserve to be identified with "What"s wrong?", where, through a less concerned tone, it"s more of a "How room you?".I"d answer very likewise to either.

If you want to be unconventional, you deserve to reply "the sun" or "me, barely." That typically gives people pause.

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It used to be asked only as soon as the human addressed appeared to be in some kind of trouble. Part people, ns believe, now use it together a simple greeting. I"ve never ever been greeted in this method myself, so I have the right to only speculate that the reply can be something choose "Yeh, I"m good."

"Stuff, y"know." (The very same stuff keeps happening favor it happens all the time. You already know what type of stuff.)

You can respond making use of this (pick one):

Thank God, i am doing fine (or: Unfortunately, I"m not doing so fine today, or: whatever is in order, or: not much, et al.).

I think that is acceptable also to reply back with the exact same greeting:

How space you act (today/tonight/this morning/this afternoon/this evening)?

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