If you space watching or attending a football video game for the first time you may be wondering around the size of the game. Exactly how long is a football game?

The typical NFL football game lasts slightly end three hours in length. In recent years, the longest average was in 2015 once the average game length was 3 hours and 9 minutes.

College football gamings can be also longer than NFL games. The average college video game lasts simply under 3 1/2 hours.

If you space attending a high school or youth soccer game, you deserve to expect the game length to be much much shorter than the NFL or college football.

LevelAvg. Game Length
NFL3+ hours
NCAA3.5 hours
High School2-2.5 hours
Youth1-1.5 hours

A football video game is comprised of 4 quarters. The size of this quarters will certainly vary depending upon the level the football. A halftime occurs in between the second and third quarters. Pre-game festivities (like national anthem and also coin toss) take location right before the opening kickoff and also last around 10 minutes.

The size of a football game differs in between the NFL and also amateur football. In this short article we will discuss: the size of

How long are NFL games?How lengthy are university football games?How long are high school football games? how long are youth football games?How long are Canadian Football organization games?How much longer are Arena league Football games?

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NFL game LengthCollege Football video game LengthHow lengthy Is A High college Football Game?

NFL game Length

The NFL is America’s most renowned sport. Fans hold watch parties through friends and family or acquisition tickets and also go to the game and tailgate prior to kickoff. If you room going to a game, going to a clock party, or also hosting a watch party, you may be wondering precisely how lengthy the video game will last.

How lengthy Are NFL Games?

You need to expect one NFL video game to last slightly over 3 hours. As we debated earlier, in current years, the longest typical was in 2015 once the average video game length was 3 hours and also 9 minutes.

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An NFL gameis made up of 4 quarters, with a halftime between the second quarterand the third quarter.

How long Is an NFL Quarter?

NFL quarters are 15 minute in game time. Because the NFL game-clock does not run continuously, the time it takes come play a 15-minute quarter is slightly end 40 minutes genuine time ~ above average.

How lengthy Is one NFL Halftime?

Halftime in the NFL lasts because that 13 minutes and 30 seconds as of the 2017 NFL season. but expect a much much longer halftime throughout the at sight Bowl whereby live music acts can drag halftime out close come 30 minutes in length.

Regulating and structuring halftime came to be a point of emphasis for the NFL over recent years as part of its in its entirety commitment to pan to keep the video game as fast and exciting as possible.

How long Is an NFL video game On TV?

NFL gamings on TV will commonly last between 3 hours and 15 minutes and 3 hours and also 30 minutes. There room exceptions come this and also every video game is unique.

NFL games last on typical slightly end 3 hours. An NFL broadcast will certainly usually have a tiny introduction wherein the broadcasters talk around the game and also the significant players and any distinctive circumstances neighboring the game. Climate the broadcast will sneak in a advertising break prior to the opening kickoff.

There additionally may it is in a tiny post-game segment ~ above the broadcast that can consist of a tiny minute-long recap of the game by the tv in the booth followed by an on-the-field interview the a player or coach.

When you take the pregame and postgame television extras and include them come the average length of one NFL video game (slightly end 3 hours), that pushes the size of the broadcast out near 3 hours and 15 minute or more.

How long Is an NFL game in Person?

If friend areattending one NFL video game in person, the video game itself (from kickoff until end ofregulation) will typically take slightly end 3 hours. However if you want to be in the stands forplayer introductions, the national anthem, and coin toss before the game, yourtime in stadium will be closer come 3 hours and also 15 minutes on average.

There areobviously multiple exception to this time frame and also every game is unique. In the next section of the article we discusswhat varieties of things can slow under NFL games and also make them last longer.

But it’s vital to remember that if you room attending a video game in person, over there are various other things connected that will include time to her trip. Parking and walking right into the stadium might take 15-30 minutes itself. Finding your seat and going to the concession stand may take 15-20 minutes. Then after the game, walking to your car will take another 10-15 minutes. And if you desire to tailgate prior to the game, attending one NFL game can quickly end up being a 4-6 hour event.

What determinants Slow down NFL Games?

There is alot the variance in the length of one NFL game.There room several components that influence just how long an separation, personal, instance gamewill last together as:

PenaltiesStyle the PlayWeatherReplay ReviewsGame FlowBroadcast

Let’sdiscuss every of these in detail to highlight just how they influence the size of agame.


Penalties slow down an NFL game since it takes time because that the referees to convene and to notice the call. As we have actually mentioned throughout this article, in recent years, the year through the longest average game length to be 2015 as soon as the average game length to be 3 hours and 9 minutes. It is no coincidence that 2015 is also the highest average of penalty per game in current years.

In 2015 there was an median of 17.6 penalty per video game in the NFL. For comparison, in 2014 the mean was 16.9 penalties every game and in 2016 the typical was 16.6 penalties per game. Both 2014 and also 2016 seasons had average game lengths at the very least two full minutes shorter than 2015.

When a penalty flag is thrown by a referee, the play is swollen dead via whistle and also the referees convene. The call is then moved to the head referee who transforms on his microphone and announces the penalty to the stadion crowd. Then the round is relocated to reflect the result of the penalty. This procedure can quickly take a minute, or maybe even longer.

There are times where the referees will have actually conflicting calls or have actually differing opinions on what happened. There also are instances where there space two separate penalties top top the same play the the referees must sort through. Coaches also slow down the penalty procedure when they argue or ask because that explanation.

Penalties are crucial to ensure that gamings are play by rule, but an abundance of penalty kills game flow and hurts fan experience. The NFL works v both referees and players to try to minimize penalties as lot as possible and to store the game flow crisp and also entertaining because that fans. This is much easier said 보다 done.

Style the Play

Games that involve teams that favor to pass the round on violation will generally last longer than games that involve groups that like to operation the round on offense. This is as result of the reality that the video game clock stops on an incomplete pass.

Games that involve much more total passes will see much more game-clock stoppages than games with a most running plays, which ultimately will an outcome in a longer game.

Pace of beat is additionally a factor. Part teams choose to run most of the play clock down before snapping the sphere whereas other teams prefer to pat up-tempo and also snap the sphere as conveniently as possible to try and tire the defense. Teams that let the beat clock drain prior to snapping the sphere will play longer games.


There occasionally will be games that have actually an in-game delay due come an brewing weather threat. Delays prefer this are usually resulted in by lightning being close to the stadium.

Weather can additionally shorten the size of a game by changing the layout of play come a heavy run attack. Too much snow or rain storms do the football tough to grip and also throw. This will reason teams to run the ball a lot.

As we questioned above, a run-heavy offensive assault results in much less game-clock stoppages and also shortens the overall length that a game.

Replay Reviews

Replay reviews are a valuable component of modern-day football. In the NFL today, certain calls can be the evaluation by prompt replay if a coach think the referees make an not correct call. Replay evaluation was adopted into the NFL in 1999.

While replay reviews have improved the sport and helped assure that the right contact is made, it additionally has caused longer games. Previous come 1999, when instant replay no exist, when a speak to was made on the field, there was no possibility for replay and game play moved on there is no a delay.

Game Flow

A back-and-forth highly challenged football game will frequently last much longer than the median football game. If the score is close late, the team that is behind will usage timeouts to preserve game clock to shot and acquire the ball back to score. Lock will likewise get the end of bounds or spike the football to protect against the video game clock once they have the football on offense. since of this, these varieties of gamings generally traction out close to the end and also can conveniently eat up an extra 30 minute of time before the video game ends.

There room occasions wherein this happens prior to the fifty percent too. If a team is driving come score, lock will usage their timeouts to keep clock. This go not occur every game and is dependency on how numerous timeouts the team has, how close they space to scoring, and if the coach likes the matchup the his offense versus the the opposite defense sufficient to try and score quickly versus them.

Broadcast Time

Primetime stand-alone games (like Thursday, Sunday, and Monday night) was standing a chance of lasting a bit longer than continual Sunday NFL games. Some primetime gamings may have actually extra pregame festivities. There additionally may be halftime entertain or a jersey retirement ceremony.

The greatest example of this is clearly the super Bowl, i m sorry has an ext commercial breaks and a longer halftime show.

Although primetime continuous season gamings do stand a possibility of adding extra time the length of the game, the in its entirety difference in game length will certainly be minimal.

NFL action to enhance Pace of Game

NFL commissioner i get it Goodell has said the does not think NFL games need come be significantly shortened, however he has acknowledged the the league needs to proceed to “take that under time out, i beg your pardon is no entertaining.”

The NFL in recent years has actually reformatted the in-game commercial structure for TV viewers, reducing the overall variety of commercial breaks. They’ve also begun regulating the time after one extra point to shot and rate up the transition between the extra allude and the taking place kickoff.

The NFL is also constantly assessing the replay process to shot and discover ways to make it quicker and more effective. Replay is checked out as an important part of contemporary sports, but one significant drawback is it deserve to kill game flow and also drain the excitement the end of a raucous crowd.

College Football video game Length

College football is an exciting sport that has actually passionate following by pan bases. Gamings are fun occasions for students and also alumni to invest Saturdays tailgating and hanging v friends and family.

If you space hosting a clock party or going to a game in person, how long deserve to you expect a college football NCAA video game to last?

How long Is A university Football Game?

A university football game is on average simply under three and also a fifty percent hours in length. It consists of 60 minute of game action.

In 2016, the median FBS university football video game lasted 3 hours and also 24 minutes. The mean 2016 university football video game (3 hrs 24 minutes) was 17 minutes longer than the median 2016 NFL video game (3 hrs 7 minutes).

Some university football enthusiasts take into consideration this to it is in a problem and individual conferences have begun to take measures to try and remedy this length-of-game issue.

How many Quarters in university Football?

A collegefootball game consists of four quarters v quarter two and also three be separate bya halftime. College football sharesthese attributes with the NFL, which also has 60 minute of game time splitacross 4 15-minute quarters v a halftime separating quarters 2 andthree.

How lengthy Is A college Football Quarter?

A collegefootball quarter is 15 minute in length.The average college footballquarter large slightly over 45 minute in genuine time.

How long Is A university Football video game on TV?

A college football video game lasts simply under 3 and a fifty percent hours. If you room watching the tv broadcast, you deserve to expect second five-minute arrival in most cases. There additionally may it is in a tiny amount of time allotted after ~ the game to interview a player or coach.

You can expect an average television broadcast to critical slightly over 3 and also a half hours. Over there is clearly a most variation in this because that individual games. Some games may last beyond four hours in total time.

How long Is university Football Halftime?

A college football halftime lasts because that 20 minutes. It has been a suggest of emphasis in university football to make certain that halftimes room not expanded past 20 minutes to store the overall length of games from acquiring out that hand.

Why Does university Football Last much longer Than NFL?

There areseveral reasons why college football gamings on median last longer than NFLgames:

First Downs – In university football, once a an initial down is acquired the game clock stops till the round is collection by the referee. In the NFL, an initial downs carry out not stop the video game clock. This is the main reason university football games are ~ above average much longer than NFL games.

Halftime – university football halftime is 20 minutes matches an NFL halftime i beg your pardon is only 13 minutes and 30 seconds. This adds virtually 7 minutes to the length of college football in comparison to the NFL.

More Scoring – college football produce a lot an ext points 보다 the NFL. An ext scores equal an ext extra point out (untimed downs) and more kickoffs (potentially untimed down) and an ext commercial breaks. This lengthens the game.

How lengthy Is A High school Football Game?

High institution football games commonly last in between two hours and also two and a half hours. They consists of 4 12-minute quarters v a halftime in in between the 2nd and 3rd quarter.

The state that Massachusetts provides 11-minute quarters throughout the constant season and 10-minute soldier in the playoffs. They are the lone exemption to the standard 12-minute quarter length.

The averagelength that a high institution football game is very hard to nail down. Across the United says there space manydifferent varieties of class of high college football, all with varying level oftalent and also styles the play. In general,you deserve to expect a high institution football game to be much shorter in length than acollege football game and also an NFL game.

If you are heading come a high school game, return the average video game length is typically between two and two and a half hours, be prepared for exceptions since many claims use a mercy dominion which may reason the video game to be much shorter.

What Is A Mercy Rule?

A mercy ascendancy comes into play in high institution football once a predetermined scoring margin is got to at halftime or at any point in the video game after halftime (for example, one team is ahead 63-0 in ~ halftime).

Typically, this outcomes in one of two people a) the game ending at that allude or b) the game proceeding on with a video game clock that never ever stops (in attempt to finish the video game quicker). Mercy rules substantially reduces the overall length of a game. Currently, 36 states have actually some kind of mercy preeminence in high institution football.

How long Is A High school Football Halftime?

High schoolfootball halftimes generally last 10-20 minutes. The size will vary depending on state. There will be exception to this since highschool football games are not as formal together college football and also the NFL.

What Time do High school Football games Start?

High schoolfootball gamings usually start at 7pm neighborhood time.They are virtually always played on Friday nights.

How lengthy is a junior Varsity football Game?

Junior Varsity game will be shorter than varsity football gamings as lock are commonly played with only 10-minute quarters and also 10-minute halftimes. This will certainly vary relying on state also. The average length of a small varsity game is most likely two hours or shorter.

How long Is A Youth football Game?

You can expect a youth football video game to last between an hour and an hour and also a half. Typically, castle consist of 4 8-minute quarters separated through a 10-minute halftime. Some progressed youth leagues might use 10-minute quarters. Over there is generally a an extremely short rest in between the soldier that might last a minute or two.

Rules varyacross youth leagues. Part leaguesimplement a mercy dominion while others do not.Most youth leagues permit each team 3 timeouts per half.

How lengthy is a Canadian Football organization Game?

Canadian Football gamings are roughly three hours in length. Lock consist of four 15-minute quarters with a 14-minute halftime. Canadian Football go not usage a running video game clock because of this the in its entirety game flow of a CFL game is reasonably similar to the flow of an NFL video game (although there room several rule differences).

How lengthy Is an Arena football Game?

Arena football games commonly last about 2 hours. Lock consist of 4 15-minute soldier separated through a 15-minute halftime.

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They do not critical as lengthy as NFL games since they use a amendment running game clock that just stops for specific situations favor a player injury, timeout, or adjust of possession. The only exception is the critical minute the the second quarter and the last minute of the 4th quarter, where continual football clock monitoring rules apply.