Fresh off winning their 2nd Super bowl in team history, the Tampa bay Buccaneers are one of 20 franchises who have won the big game. Through LV being their second victory, the Bucs are simply one that 14 franchises to have actually won a super Bowl much more than once.

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How plenty of teams have actually not winner a at sight Bowl? 12. We look in ~ them here.

With every the occasions surrounding Aaron Rodgers and the eco-friendly Bay Packers, will he remain or will certainly he go?

NFL groups that have actually never won a at sight Bowl

Cincinnati Bengals

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Established in 1968, some might wonder, have the Cincinnati Bengals won a supervisor Bowl? After reaching the large game in 1981 and also 1988, the Bengals lost to the mountain Francisco 49ers both times.


Now, through Joe Burrow, it’s feasible the Bengals finally have the franchise quarterback essential to bring them deep into the playoffs when again. It might not happen immediately, however Burrow and also the Bengals deserve to start laying the groundwork with a vain season.

Carolina Panthers

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While the Carolina Panthers space 0-2 all-time in Super bowl appearances, current team owner David Tepper isn’t afraid to perform things differently. I wouldn’t expect this team to stay out the postseason contention for very long.

Coach Matt Rhule go 5-11 in his an initial season as a head coach in the NFL. With a new quarterback in town and another year in the system, nothing be shocked if the Panthers take it a action forward in 2021.


How Sam Darnold creates will have a great impact on their season. Also if the wins aren’t there, the Panthers could find themselves in a nice place to land their franchise quarterback following year one of two people by trade or via a high breeze pick.

The last time Carolina got to the Super key was after drafting cam Newton. Maybe an additional superstar QB will certainly be essential to lug this franchise ago to the promised land.

Atlanta Falcons

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After showing up like they’d win their very first Super bowl after top 28-3 in 2016, we all recognize what happened next. Tom Brady led among the biggest comebacks of all-time because that his former Patriots squad and also the Atlanta Falcons are still in search of their an initial Lombardi Trophy together a franchise.

Super bowl LI was the start of Mike Smith’s demise with the Falcons. Now replaced by coach Arthur Smith, Matt Ryan and Co. Will try to climb earlier into contention.

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The offensive-minded blacksmith should be able to bring a much more explosive scoring attack, however the defense has actually been a lot bigger concern in current years. Solving those concerns may eventually be the deciding factor to fuel their potential success.

Los Angeles Chargers

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Of the four quarterbacks drafted in 2020, Justin Herbert may have actually the ideal chances to become a superstar ~ his record-breaking rookie season. In the NFL, having a top-notch quarterback is among the finest ways to reach the super Bowl.

For a Chargers franchise that has readjusted locations to Los Angeles, the just time they make it to the Super key was ago in 1994 once they were still in mountain Diego led through a strong defense. Before that season, the Chargers were viewed as a longshot to qualify because that postseason play. Ultimately, they were blown the end by the 49ers.

Having come go v Kansas City, many wouldn’t intend the Chargers to do it come the playoffs in 2021. After ~ a year of significant changes, ending their season with a Super key appearance would be a shock.


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However, after going 7-9 last season, the Chargers are collection to get earlier some important members of your defense after Derwin James and also Joey Bosa let go a linked 20 games.

Some defensive innovation combined v the expected ongoing growth of Herbert can be enough to put them over the top. Led through the 2020 offensive Rookie of the Year, the Bolts could be a sleeper choose to take a big leap under new coach Brandon Staley.

Minnesota Vikings

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The Minnesota Vikings are among two NFL franchises to obtain to the Super bowl four different times there is no winning any type of of them. Together their fans understand all as well well, your postseason background is dreadful.

Despite having actually some historically an excellent teams over the years with the Purple world Eaters, and also in 1998, with what some supplied to to speak was one of the best scoring strikes of every time, the Vikings have actually never winner a at sight Bowl.

Some diehard fans will tell you, the Vikings have gotten screwed a few times. Maybe you buy into the theories that the Giants stole part signals bring about a 41-0 shutout in the 2000 NFC Championship game in spite of having the fifth-best violation in the NFL.

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Curiously, there hasn’t to be a shutout or a larger margin of win in a conference championship or Super key since. Were the Giants cheating? friend tell me.

Or maybe as soon as the Saints had bounties the end to shot and injure Brett Favre in the 2009 NFC Championship Game, which caused several dominion changes and suspensions. When the Vikings aren’t the just team to address some less-than-favorable situations, that helped contribute to their many playoff accidents through the years.

Minnesota’s misfortunes have kept them away from the huge dance due to the fact that 1976, i m sorry is the longest Super key drought of any kind of team who has ever made the that much without winning. The 2021 variation of the Vikes show up to have what it takes to complete for postseason beat on paper.

Perhaps, the biggest variable to your success will be what happens with two-time at sight Bowl-winning quarterback Aaron Rodgers in environment-friendly Bay. If he leaves the division, the Vikings should be seen as NFC north favorites.

Then, if they reach the playoffs, the just thing in their means will be your kickers. In i m sorry case, they might want to just keep lock on the bench, no matter what the scoreboard says is best.

Arizona Cardinals

Pittsburgh Steelers large receiver Santonio Holmes catches a touchdown pass together Arizona Cardinals safety Aaron Francisco defends during the fourth quarter the the NFL Super key XLIII football game, Sunday, Feb. 1, 2009, in Tampa, Fla.Xxx Rd28705 Jpg S Fbn Fl

This previous offseason, the Arizona Cardinals went all in, gaining star power at seemingly every turn. Adding players such as Rodney Hudson, A.J. Green, and also J.J. Watt seems prefer moves only feasible in a video game.

But this isn’t 5 years ago and exactly how much they still have in the tank collectively will walk a long means toward how great they can become. There’s no factor to think lock don’t have what that takes to with the 2nd Super bowl of the Cardinals’ storied history.

A franchise that has actually moved native St. Louis and Phoenix, the only time the Cardinals made it come the supervisor Bowl was in 2008 through Kurt Warner and Larry Fitzgerald. When it was a nearby game against Pittsburgh, that wasn’t sufficient to obtain the Cards their very first Super bowl victory.

The hope is the Kyler Murray have the right to be the one to command them come the promised land. As part of the existing dual-threat quarterback takeover, Murray may be one of the toughest football players to repetitively game setup for.

A dynamic violation led by coach Kliff Kingsbury and Murray paired v a roster constructed to contend could have the Cardinals in the mix because that a supervisor Bowl really soon.

Tennessee Titans

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For countless fans that football, it will certainly be difficult to ever forget the moment the Tennessee Titans make it come the at sight Bowl, losing in the last seconds after being one garden shy the scoring the tie touchdown against the then-St. Luigi Rams. What a game.

After comes so close, it appeared the Titans may have the ability to simply make a few adjustments to do it ago to the super Bowl, though that was simpler said 보다 done. Ever because 1999, they have actually yet to do it back.

Under the existing regime, the Titans have enjoyed some recent success, reaching the playoffs three out the the past 4 seasons. Led by Ryan Tannehill, Derrick Henry and also the recently-acquired Julio Jones, Tennessee is beginning the 2021 season together the favourite to win the AFC South.

Maybe this is the year the Titans end their Super bowl drought?

Buffalo Bills

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Have the Buffalo Bills ever before won a at sight Bowl? No, however they are among the teams who have had several chances. In fact, the Bills are 0-4 all-time in Super key appearances.

While it’s tremendous for them to have also made the that much on 4 separate occasions, background really only remembers the winners.

The silver lining for members of the bills Mafia is the Josh Allen has actually the team positioned to it is in a competitor for a long time. Through Tom Brady the end of the AFC East, now Patrick Mahomes is the dragon Buffalo demands to find a way to slay.

If the receipt can build off your momentum native the past two seasons, don’t be surprised to check out them play for a Super bowl in February.

Which teams have actually never made it to the at sight Bowl?

While there room some franchises to have actually never won a ring, there are even some NFL teams who have actually never been to the supervisor Bowl. Below are the groups who have never make it come the at sight Bowl.

Houston Texans

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The Dallas Cowboys have won five Super Bowls. So how numerous Super Bowls have actually the Houston Texans won from the exact same state?

Well, it’s no that simple. The Cowboys have been roughly since 1960 conversely, the Texans room the league’s newest franchise after being established in 2002. Thus, the Texans have never winner a super Bowl.

Incredibly, the Texans won 6 AFC southern Championships from 2011-2019. However those to be the only times lock have ever before made the playoffs.

After a complete overhaul, the Texans can be entering tumultuous times as a franchise without any type of Super key appearances. What happens v Deshaun Watson will have actually a significant impact ~ above their company for year to come.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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Entering a new era v Trevor Lawrence and coach metropolitan Meyer at the helm, the Jacksonville Jaguars could be top top something.

Despite being around since 1995, the Jags only have three department titles and have been to the playoffs simply seven times in total. Yet the Jaguars have actually never made it come the supervisor Bowl.

I i will not ~ bet ~ above that changing this season. Yet if Lawrence is together advertised, the Jags may not be much away from gift a perennial contender. The lengthy Super key drought in Duval could involved an finish sooner than part fans expect.

It just took Jared Goff three periods to reach a Super key after being selected No. 1. The pressure’s ~ above this kid.

Detroit Lions

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The Detroit Lions room the earliest NFL team to have never showed up in a at sight Bowl and also the just franchise indigenous the NFC to have actually never played because that the trophy. Their last playoff success came in 1992 and also it’s extremely unlikely the will adjust this season.

After trading former No. 1 in its entirety pick Matthew Stafford, the Lions have replaced him v another first overall selection in Jared Goff.

Not only did Detroit readjust quarterbacks, but it likewise swapped out its head coach and general manager. While the Lions have actually likely entered a rebuilding phase, it’s also feasible the enormous organizational overhaul leader to immediate results.

Goff absolutely has the experience and he’s never ever led his team come a losing season in the NFL. While his methods may be a bit unconventional, coach Dan Campbell simply spent 5 seasons together an assistant head coach for the brand-new Orleans Saints where they make the postseason 4 out of the five years he was there.

What happens v Aaron Rodgers in eco-friendly Bay will have a significant impact top top the NFC North. Just how Detroit responds come so much changeover will certainly be critical if it wishes to do a rapid turnaround.

Cleveland Browns

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Have the Cleveland Browns won a at sight Bowl? no yet.

The Browns are also one that the groups that have actually never to be to the super Bowl, however that may readjust at the finish of this season. The all groups yet to victory a ring, the Browns may have actually the finest chance to lastly put an finish to your misfortunes.

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Thanks come the roster they’ve built, the Browns have to be seen as a legit competitor for Super key LVI. Boasting a star-studded offense v Pro bowl players such together Nick Chubb, Kareem Hunt, Odell Beckham Jr., and Jarvis Landry among others, the Browns likewise have playmakers throughout every level of the defense.

Last season the Browns come close, losing to the eventual Super bowl champs. Have the right to they ultimately make it come the big game with one more successful season? The buzz in Cleveland is in ~ an all-time high. Can you imagine exactly how crazy the Dawg Pound will go if the Browns turn one more corner this year?