If you battle with your big feet, it"s reassuring to understand you"re in an excellent company. In fact several glamorous celebrities have big shoe sizes. They may have access to the top fashion designers, however famous women have the right to be yes, really self-conscious around their huge feet too. Here"s exactly how some celebrities really feel around wearing dimension 11 us shoes.

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Kate Winslet has size 9 uk feet Image: s_bukley / depositphotos.com

Oscar winning brothers actress Kate Winslet is really down come earth about her size 9 UK feet.

"I"ve gained very, very huge feet and they are not specifically beautiful feet either"

Kate Winslet, Graham Norton show, 2017

She takes after ~ her mom who has even larger feet. Being reasonably average height at 5ft 6.5 inches, Kate dispels the common myth that just tall ladies have large shoe sizes.

She"s well offered to being teased about her large feet. She Titanic co-star Leo DiCaprio discovered it hilarious the they mutual the very same shoe size (11 US). He even dubbed her feet "canoes". Charming! also celebrities can"t escape the large feet jokes we have actually all heard too plenty of times. Clock Kate chatting with Conan O"Brien around this below:

Uma Thurman - shoe size 11 us (9 UK)

Uma Thurman has size 11 feet (US) Image: tanka_v / depositphotos.com

Hollywood actress Uma Thurman has size 11 feet and was quite self-conscious around their starring duty in Quentin Tarantino"s kill Bill and also Pulp Fiction films. At nearly 6ft tall, she struggled with both she height and shoe size growing up:

"I was always physically insecure. Huge feet, as well tall, no co-ordinated or together."

Uma Thurman, BBC, 2006

In fact, the was just in her 30s that she feeling comfortable in her own skin:

Was my height an issue? At practically 6ft tall, with big feet, of food it was!Once you gain a job, you...feel different about yourself and also establish your very own identity. It take it me until about 35 come walk without being self-conscious.

Uma Thurman, The Sun, 2012

Oprah Winfrey - shoe dimension 11 united state (9 UK)

Oprah Winfrey has size 11 united state feet Image: s_bukley / depositphotos.com

Media mogul Oprah Winfrey has actually the people at her size 11 feet. However it turns out an international icons have actually the exact same shoe size hang-ups together the rest of us. In a candid moment with her show audience in 2003, Oprah mutual her 10.5-11 united state shoe size and also how it took her part time to be OK through it:

"I used to be scared of 11s because it intended you had actually a large foot... And also like a 10 doesn"t!"

Oprah Winfrey, 2003

We have the right to all relate to this. It"s crazy exactly how we judge shoe sizes so in different way when there is only 1/3 inch in between them!

Here"s the video clip footage that Oprah talking around her big feet.

In 2010, Oprah had actually a great closet cleanout charity auction on Ebay. She marketed all her dimension 10 shoes as part of this, since she realised she was size 11 instead.

It"s remarkable how plenty of women wear the wrong size shoes. Girlfriend can discover out how to measure her foot ~ above the shoe size conversion assist page.

Heidi Klum - shoe dimension 11 us (9 UK)

Heidi Klum wears size 11 shoes (US) Image: Jean_Nelson / depositphotos.com

Supermodel Heidi Klum own an remarkable 2000 pairs of dimension 11 united state shoes. Amassed over her 20 year modelling career, Heidi"s shoes are neatly organised in she basement through photos of every item. She revealed she shoe hoarding habit come ET Canada ago in 2014, so her collection must be even bigger by now.

She is hope to pass her massive shoe arsenal on to her two daughters. Leni and also Lou Sulola can"t wait come wear mom"s shoes. It"s refreshing that having large feet is seen therefore a optimistic in the Klum household. I"m certain the possibility of a designer shoes paradise helps.

"My girls room drooling end my shoes... Lock waiting, and also they’re worried that they’re no gonna have actually my shoes size. I have actually an 11 shoe, for this reason they have actually to grow into it! If they"re no that size, then they’re s*** out of luck!"

Heidi Klum, civilization Magazine, 2017

PS Heidi, if your daughters don"t end up sharing her shoe size, I suggest a big charity raffle so every your size 11 shoes sisters deserve to feel like supermodels. Or how around a Heidi Klum shoes Museum. How fab would certainly that be?

Hanging on come old shoes, having civilization make jokes around your big feet, feeling insecure.... We have the right to ALL relate! maybe having huge feet isn"t that different for celebs ~ all.

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