Your observation that moss just grows top top thenorth next of trees tells me you haven"t lookedfor moss near trees in the southern hemisphere. Moss is a an easy plant and also likes to flourish inshady places so the does no dry out.

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It ispretty straightforward to picture why this is the northside of tree here and also the south side of trees inAustralia for example. The sun"s beam strike theearth"s surface almost perpendicular close to theequator.

together you relocate away native the tropics, the sunsrays crossing the planet at one angle. Here inSanta Barbara, California, the sun is not directlyoverhead, however to the south, for this reason the southern side ofany object will certainly get more sunlight than the north. This is why moss likes the north side of trees.

The fuzzy texture and also shade-lovingcharacteristics that moss space in component due to itbeing a non-vascular plant.Mosses belong to a team of plants calledBryophytes. these plants execute not haveroots, or the xylem and also phloem the vascular plants,but rather have actually rhizomes that host the moss inplace and also collect water and nutrients the mossrequires.

The "fuzzy" texture you point out helps to keepthe tree from dry out and likewise helps diffusethe light supplied for photosynthesis.

Answer 2:

Good question! Actually, moss doesn"t onlygrow ~ above the north next of trees,it just MOSTLYgrows top top the north side. Also, that ruleonly applies in the north hemisphere--inthe southern hemisphere, moss mostly grows on thesouth political parties of trees. The reason is the in thenorthern hemisphere, since of the tilt the theEarth top top its axis, the sun virtually always appearsto be a little south of directly overhead. That"swhy rooms with windows dealing with south room brighterthan rooms with windows encountering north. This isimportant for the mosses because the phibìc sidesof trees (in the northern hemisphere)are shadierand as such moister. The south sides of treesget an ext sunlight, for this reason water evaporates fasterthere.

Mosses need a many water because that tworeasons. One is the they"re not"vascular"plants --that method that they don"t have theplant variation of a circulatory system, and theycan"t relocate water about inside your bodies. Allcells in a moss"s body need to have easy access towater native the environment.

The 2nd reason they require water is becausetheir male reproductive cells can only endure byswimming in droplets of water. Theonly way these cell can obtain from one plant toanother is come hope the a raindrop will reason thewater they"re swim in to it is in splashed onto aneighboring plant. If the surface that they liveon (like a tree trunk)dries out, the moss will certainly beunable to reproduce, and it will dry out. That"smuch an ext likely to occur on the sunnier next ofa tree trunk 보다 on the shadier side.

The exact same rule applies to rocks, please logs, oranything else that mosses could grown on. If ithas a sunny side and also a shady side, the mosswill mostly prosper on the shady side. In thenorthern hemisphere, that"s typically the northernside, and in the southern hemisphere, it"s usuallythe southerly side. If friend look closely enough,though, you"ll watch exceptions.

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The texture of mosses is typically (but notalways!) fuzzy due to the fact that their leaves have actually manylittle projections top top them, favor the finger-likeprojections top top a maple leaf. The moss pipeline andtheir projections room so small, though, that theyseem fuzzy come us. These projections room probablyto assist the moss cells deep within the leaves tobe together close as feasible to outside water sources.