Are you looking for the answer come the quizlet or watercraft Ed test to the concern “which next of a watercraft has a environment-friendly light at night”, or perform you simply want to improve your expertise of boating v the correct details to help keep friend safe?

The next of a boat which has a environment-friendly light at night will constantly be the starboard side. They are designed come be visible to any one more approaching vessel native head-on or a side angle and also are compelled by law.

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So that’s simple enough, however it’s only going come be straightforward if you can remember which side is which, and what shade lights go on what side.

I’ve previously blogged part easy means to mental port and starboard, yet if you don’t have actually time to click and read that, here’s a short-cut storage trick.

How come remember which next of a watercraft has a environment-friendly light

The native “port” has actually 4 letters in it. The word “left” additionally has 4 letter in it. So, every you have to remember is that similarity in stimulate to know the difference in between port and starboard directions on a boat or ship. 

And then to remember which color goes in which next you have this saying: 

There is no RED PORT wine LEFT in the bottle.

Using that last example, the bottom heat is that if you deserve to remember one side, in this case port, you will then recognize that the opposite will apply for starboard.

Why red and also green lights are essential on a boat

Knowing her navigational lights will be an essential to maintaining safe top top the water, v the regulation stating friend must have night-time navigating lights on native sunset to sunrise.

By having actually the correct lights on her boat, other vessels will have the ability to see you, and you have the right to see their to help avoiding collisions and accidents.

There are 4 most widely used various navigational lights compelled on a watercraft to assist with visibility once darkness has fell.

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Sidelights (aka combination lights)

Also well-known as mix lights, the side red and green navigation lights room designed come be checked out by various other boats, ships and vessels approaching you.

They are set up so that they room visible no matter what direction an additional vessel is coming in the direction of you, it is in it indigenous the left, right, side, rear, or head-on.

A red light will be found on the port (left hand) side, and a green light will be uncovered on the starboard (right hand side).


At night, her sternlight need to be shining all the time. It’s put as close together you can acquire it to the stern. Every motorboats are forced by legislation to have a sternlight installed.

What shade is a sternlight?

It will always be a white light and is set-up come shine at 135 levels from the rear of your boat.

Masthead light

This is an additional white light, but this time is set-up come be visible from the forward position and also from both sides of the boat. Again, it’s compelled by regulation on all motorboats who room engine-powered between sunset and sunrise.

If you check out a vessel in the distance that doesn’t have a masthead light, then it’s likely going to be a sailboat. 

All-round white light

If your vessel is engine-powered and less 보다 39.4 feet in length, climate you deserve to have an all-round white irradiate in ar combining a sternlight and also masthead light into a single unit.

As with various other navigational lights questioned in this guide, it need to be clearly shows from any kind of given point on the water.

Once you have stopped and also anchored down, you have the right to switch off your green and also red sidelights and just have this white light on to keep you visible.

Tips for boating in ~ night

Now that you understand which side of a boat has a green light in ~ night, it’s time because that a couple of practical advice on how watercraft safely in ~ night, making use of your navigation lights.

If you see a white light in her path, it method that you have the right to overtake it. The boat with simply the white irradiate on is dubbed the stand-on vessel, therefore you can go past on either port or starboard side.If you check out a red or environment-friendly navigation irradiate in your path, that your duty to be the stand-on vessel, meaning you let the other boat pass safely. Be alert simply in case the other captain hasn’t checked out you or doesn’t recognize the naval navigational rules.If you watch a white and also red light in your path, climate it’s your revolve to give method to the other boat. You are compelled to slow-moving down, maintaining speed consistent and stable until the other vessel has passed you. Alternatively, you are allowed to change direction to the right, and also then happen the other boat.If you see just a red light, or only a green light, then it’s more than likely a sailing boat in your path at night. You room the one to provide way.If you see a green light only in your path, climate it could be a flashlight from who in a canoe or kayak sized vessel. Watercrafts without motors and also engines under 23 feet in length are compelled by law to have a white light seen from all angles so other vessels are mindful of its existence.

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The critical word…

I hope the this has actually helped you come understand far better the rules regarding night-time navigation lights top top boats, in particular which side of a watercraft uses a green light for navigation.

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If you space taking a watercraft exam, quizlet, or boating test then ns wish you all the happy in the world. But please don’t cheat, make certain you study all the answers and also learn the navigational rules turn off by heart as they might one day save your life.