During this time of quarantine, we’ve had the chance to reconnect through our love ones, spend more time with ourselves, and maintain ours friendships online. Us haven’t been able to walk out, have gatherings, or schedule in-person meetings, i beg your pardon is why we might not be as aware of the moment or date as we’re used to.

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“What’s today’s date?” is a usual question, so why not learn just how to refer dates and months in ubraintv-jp.com throughout your time at home? Plus, as soon as this pandemic is over, it will be beneficial when you travel to Latin America or Spain.

In this blog post, we will explore:

Translation, pronunciation, and also gender of days and also monthsWriting and saying the date in ubraintv-jp.comThe difference between temporada y estaciónDate expressions in ubraintv-jp.comPractice quiz and also answers

Let’s examine it out!

Dates in ubraintv-jp.com

First, in order to say the date, it’s essential to know exactly how to speak the job of the week, the month of the year, and the year itself. Examine out the tables below for guidance.


(el) lunesloo-naysMonday
(el) martesmar-taysTuesday
(el) miércolesmyair-koh-laysWednesday
(el) jueveshway-baysThursday
(el) viernesbyair-naysFriday
(el) sábadosah-bah-dohSaturday
(el) domingodoh-min-gohSunday

Notice the all days room masculine, for this reason they require to have the short article el before them.

La reunión está programada para el jueves (The conference is reserved for Thursday).


Months in ubraintv-jp.comPronunciationEnglish
enero ay-nair-ohJanuary
febrero fay-bray-rohFebruary
marzo mar-sohMarch
abril ah-breelApril
mayo my-ohMay
junio hoo-nyohJune
julio hoo-lyohJuly
agosto ah-goh-stohAugust
septiembre sape-tyaim-braySeptember
octubre ohk-too-brayOctober
noviembre noh-byaim-brayNovember
diciembre dee-syaim-brayDecember

It’s necessary to keep in mind that the month of the year don’t have a gender in ubraintv-jp.com. They’re constantly written and also pronounced there is no the firm of any kind of other article.

Mi cumpleaños es en abril (My birthday is in April).


If you’re talking around the XXI century, you always have to say “dos mil” and also then the last number (when that a number indigenous 1 to 9) or the last two numbers (when the critical number is 10 or above). Make certain you know just how to say numbers in ubraintv-jp.com in order to perform this.

For example:

2000dos mil dohs meel
2003dos mil tres dohs meel trays
2005dos mil cinco dohs meel seen-koh
2009dos mil nueve dohs meel nway-vay
2010dos mil diez dohs meel dee-ays
2015dos mil quince dohs meel keen-say
2020dos mil veinte dohs meel vain-tay
2025dos mil veinticinco dohs meel vain-tee-seen-koh

If you talking about any year in between 1100 and 1999, follow this little formula:

mil + (hundreds) + (last number or numbers)

Check the following table to learn the hundreds.

100ciento syehn-toh
200doscientos dohs syehn-tohs
300trescientos trays syehn-tohs
400cuatrocientos kwah-troh syehn-tohs
500quinientos kee-nyehn-tohs
600seiscientos say-syehn-tohs
700setecientos seh-teh-syehn-tohs
800ochocientos oh-choh syehn-tohs
900novecientos no-beh-syehn-tohs

See these dates to make certain you acquired it:

1145 – mil ciento cuarenta y cinco1307 – mil trescientos siete1492 – mil cuatrocientos noventa y dos1781 – mil setecientos ochenta y uno1850 – mil ochocientos cincuenta1999 – mil novecientos noventa y nueve2007 – dos mil siete2019 – dos mil diecinueve2023 – dos mil veintitrés

Writing the date in ubraintv-jp.com

Now that you know how to to speak the days, months, and also years, stop see just how to combine them in ubraintv-jp.com.


First, it’s necessary to note the difference in the stimulate of things in ubraintv-jp.com compared to English. In English, you an initial say the month, climate the day, and lastly the year:

In ubraintv-jp.com, the day come first, complied with by the month, and then the year. Also, when writing the date in words, the preposition de constantly goes between the day and the month and also between the month and also the year.

In case you additionally want to incorporate the day of the week in the date, it need to come first.

Viernes 14 de febrero de 2020 (Friday, February 14, 2020)

That was easy, right? Let’s store learning!

Seasons: Estación vs. Temporada

Some ubraintv-jp.com words translate to the very same word in English however have fully different definitions in ubraintv-jp.com, and they are referred to as false cognates. Estación and temporada are perfect examples. Both words average “season” in English, however in ubraintv-jp.com they are used differently. Let’s watch what lock mean!

Estación describes the four seasons of the year: spring, summer, fall, and also winter. Also, it’s used to refer to a station (subway station or radio station, because that example).

Mi estación favorita del año es primavera. — My favorite season that the year is spring.La estación de subway está a tres cuadras de aquí. — The subway terminal is 3 blocks from here.

On the other hand, temporada is used to describe the period of time in i m sorry an activity is perform or a certain duration of time during the year. The word época deserve to be used as a synonym for temporada. because that example:

Basketball season: temporada de básquetbolRainy season: temporada lluviosaChristmas season: época de navidad

Additionally, you usage temporada to describe the periods of a TV show. For example:

La serie “Cómo conocí a tu madre” tiene nueve temporadas. — The TV show “How i Met your Mother” has actually nine seasons.

ubraintv-jp.com Expressions with Dates and Seasons

Dates space a tool for organizing our everyday lives and syncing our time through others, which operation naturally right into conversations we have with every other. Many of time expressions exist in ubraintv-jp.com to discuss dates, seasons, and also months. Let’s check them out!

Daily expressions

¿Qué día es hoy? (What work is today?)¿Qué fecha es hoy? (What date is today?)¿En qué mes estamos? (What month is it?) Literal: In what month room we?¿En qué año estamos? (What year is it?) Literal: In what year space we?


Estamos en (la) temporada lluviosa. — We room in the merganser season.

Most nations in Latin America don’t have 4 seasons choose in the joined States. Our seasons are divided into “rainy/wet” and also “dry.” people usually start saying this phrase about April and May because during these months the weather start to obtain rainy.

Estamos en (la) temporada seca. — We room in the dried season.

People usage this expression indigenous December come April. These 5 months space “dry” in most main American countries.

Febrero es el mes del amor y la amistad. — February is the month the love and also friendship.

February is world-famous because that being the month that love. Connection is a huge theme during this month and also people feeling happy around it.

En el mes del amor, te regalamos una cena con tu pareja. — In the month the love, we want to gift girlfriend a dinner v your partner.

Restaurants like to market these kinds of promotions in February. It’s the perfect possibility for lock to carry in new clients.

Mayo es el mes de la madre. — might is mother’s month.

As us all know, Mother’s work is in May! In Latin America, this is a distinct month in which we make our mothers feel loved and also spoiled.

¡Saca tu bandera en el mes de la independencia! — Take the end your flag during independence month!

During freedom month, world become much more patriotic. Everybody wants to storage this month, and also flying a flag is a patriotic means to do it.

¡Empezó octubre, el mes de las brujas! — October, the month of witches has actually begun!

People celebrate Halloween through parties, concerts, or gatherings v friends (and youngsters go trick or treating, that course).

¡Llegó la mejor época del año, navidad! — The ideal season of the year is here, Christmas!

Even despite it gets cold, the vibe you feel in Latin America approximately Christmas is amazing. People feel happy about it, have a lot of gatherings and also parties, and also enjoy time v their families. For numerous people, this is the finest time of the year.

¡Es época de convivios! (It’s “parties/group meal” season!)

In Guatemala, convivios are parties that teams of friends organize throughout the Christmas season. They start in the first week that December and also finish before Christmas. The a season the fills civilization with joy and celebration.

Practice Questions and also Answer Key

After reading this overview to days, months, and dates in ubraintv-jp.com, make sure you remember everything by taking this quiz! The answers room at the bottom the the article.

What’s the month in ubraintv-jp.com?

1. January __________

2. February __________

3. March __________

4. April ___________

5. Might __________

6. June _________

7. July __________

8. Respectable __________

9. September __________

10. October _____________

11. November ___________

12. December ___________

What’s the day in ubraintv-jp.com?

1. The 2nd day that the mainly ____________

2. The 4th day of the main _____________

3. The saturday day the the week ______________

4. The first day of the main ________________

5. The 5th day of the week ______________

6. The third day that the mainly _____________

7. The sixth day the the mainly ______________

Translate from number to words in ubraintv-jp.com

1. 1500 _________________

2. 1790_________________

3. 1815_________________

4. 1942_________________

5. 1985_________________

6. 2002_________________

7. 2008_________________

8. 2012_________________

9. 2021_________________

10. 2035 _________________

Translate native ubraintv-jp.com to English

1. En invierno hay mucho frío. _____________________________________

2. Mi estación favorita es verano. ___________________________________

3. ¿En tu país hay estaciones? ____________________________________

4. Tenemos que ir a la estación de bus. _______________________________

5. En mei inicia la temporada lluviosa. _______________________________

6. En noviembre inicia la temporada fría. ______________________________

7. ¿Ya viste la temporada tres de “Friends”? ____________________________

8. Lo mejor del año es la temporada de mangos. _________________________

Answer Key

Months in ubraintv-jp.com

1. Enero

2. Febrero

3. Marzo

4. Abril

5. Mayo

6. Junio

7. Julio

8. Agosto

9. Septiembre

10. Octubre

11. Noviembre

12. Diciembre

Days in ubraintv-jp.com

1. Martes

2. Jueves

3. Domingo

4. Lunes

5. Viernes

6. Miércoles

7. Sábado

Numbers to Words

1. Mil quinientos

2. Mil setecientos noventa

3. Mil ochocientos quince

4. Mil novecientos cuarenta y dos

5. Mil novecientos ochenta y cinco

6. Dos mil dos

7. Dos mil ocho

8. Dos mil doce

9. Dos mil veintiuno

10. Dos mil treinta y cinco

Sentences indigenous English come ubraintv-jp.com

1. In winter, it’s really cold.

2. My favourite season is summer.

3. Room there periods in her country?

4. We have to go come the gas station.

5. The rainy season begins in May.

6. The cold season begins in November.

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7. Have actually you checked out the third season the “Friends”?

8. The finest time that year is mango season.

Practice live!

Now you´re all set to exercise what girlfriend learned today! authorize up for a cost-free class at Homeschool ubraintv-jp.com Academy, whereby we have actually native ubraintv-jp.com speaker who space happy to assist you end up being fluent in ubraintv-jp.com. We look front to offer you!