Friends: A finish Timeline of Ross & Rachel's partnership Ross and Rachel"s relationship was a complex one, and it"s basic to forget part moments that occurred in between arguments and also dating other people.

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Friends Ross and also Rachel timeline
Friends’ main couple, Ross and Rachel, went with a most ups and downs, however as viewers knew every along, they to be bound to finish up together. Their connection was hinted native the an extremely beginning, through Rachel involvement the team in the pilot illustration after to run away from her wedding, and also Ross make it evident that, after all this time, that still had a crush on her. Ross and also Rachel’s partnership was the main focus of the collection for a long time, though they (thankfully) made way for Monica and also Chandler, and also Phoebe and Mike to have their very own moments.

Ross and Rachel’s on/off partnership is a recurrent topic of discussion between Friends fans, v some supporting the pair while others feel Rachel deserved lot better. Reality is the this pair was the resource of many of the series’ many iconic moments, such as the whole “we to be on a break” debate and also Ross speak Rachel’s name instead of Emily’s in ~ the altar. Their partnership was so rough that it’s easy to forget some moments that happened in between breakups and discussions. The very first seasons to be heavily focused on Ross and Rachel’s “will they, won’t they” situation, and their time together and also all the mess that taken place after they broke up. Back Ross and also Rachel knew each other because that years before the events of the pilot episode, their partnership didn’t begin until they reunited years later.

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During HBO Max"s Friends reunion one-of-a-kind — which to be originally set to air at the launch of the streamer in feather 2020, however was delayed because of COVID-19 — Jennifer Aniston and also David Schwimmer mutual some brand-new details regarding their well known onscreen relationship. As soon as reunion special organize James Corden inquiry the actors whether any of them had dated off-screen, Aniston and Schwimmer revealed they both had actually crushes on each other throughout the early on seasons of Friends. However, it never ever blossomed right into a full-fledged romance because they were constantly dating who else, with Schwimmer likening their situation to "two ships passing," though the pair constantly respected the other"s boundaries. What"s more, Aniston admitted the the actors just ended up placing all their love and adoration because that each other right into their onscreen relationship. This tidbit provides Ross and also Rachel"s journey all the more interesting when watching the in hindsight.

Friends Rachel Ross ras Vegas
Ross and also Rachel met in high school, and also even though Ross was in a greater grade, the didn’t stop him from occurring a like on her, though he never really do a move. Rachel shed touch v Ross and Monica until she ran into Monica a year before the pilot episode, and she later on moved in with her after running away from she wedding. Though Ross confessed having a like on her in the first episodes, their connection started to blossom in the 5th episode.

”The One v The eastern German laundry Detergent” (season 1) - Rachel kisses him as a “thank you” for to teach her exactly how to execute laundry.”The One wherein Ross finds Out” (season 2) - ~ an debate at the coffee shop, castle kiss again.”The One with The List” (season 2) - Ross provides a perform of pros and cons that Julie and Rachel to decide in between the two, however after Rachel find the list, their connection (whatever it to be at that point) ends.”The One v The Prom Video” (season 2) - She kisses that again after watching a video clip from your teenage years and officially end up being a couple.

Ross and also Rachel (Finally) dating (seasons 2-3)

"The One where Ross and also Rachel… friend Know” (season 2) - and also it occurred at the museum.”The One whereby Old Yeller Dies” (season 2) - Ross and Rachel say “I love you” because that the first time."The One wherein Ross and Rachel take A Break” (season 3) - After a failed anniversary celebration, they argue over Rachel"s friendship through her coworker, Mark, which prompts she to speak they must “take a break”.”The One v The Morning After” (season 3) - Ross sleeps through Chloe, the girl indigenous the copy place. Rachel desires to get ago with him, but after finding out what the did, they obtain into a boil argument, through their connection officially ending.

Post break-up (seasons 3-6)

"The One at The Beach” (season 3) - Ross is dating Bonnie, Phoebe’s friend. Rachel confesses to Ross she still has feelings because that him, and they kiss.”The One v The Jellyfish: (season 4) - castle get earlier together. However, they finish up arguing and also breaking up... Again.”The One with Joey’s Dirty Day” (season 4) - Ross and Rachel ultimately get along again, and also she asks him to take it Emily, her boss’ niece, to the theater so she deserve to go out through Joshua. It is the start of the Ross/Emily relationship.”The One with All The Haste” (season 4) - Ross and Emily announce their engagement.”The One through Ross’ Wedding, component 1” (season 4) - ~ admitting she’s still in love v Ross, she flies to London to avoid the wedding.”The One v Ross’ Wedding, part 2” (season 4) - She decides not to tell Ross what she yes, really feels... And he end up saying she name rather of Emily’s at the altar.”The One with The Yeti” (season 5) - Ross choose his friends end Emily and ends his marital relationship over the phone.”The One In Vegas, part 2” (season 5) - Ross and Rachel get very drunk and get married in Vegas.”The One v Joey’s Porsche” (season 6) - After much trouble, they lastly sign the divorce.

Post-Divorce (seasons 6-7)

”The One with Monica’s Thunder” (season 7) - After date other people for a while, they almost sleep with each other again as a “bonus night”.

Ross and also Rachel have a Baby.

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”The One after ~ ‘I Do’” (season 8) - Rachel confirms she pregnant.”The One through The Red Sweater” (season 8) - that revealed the Ross is the father of Rachel’s baby.”The One whereby Rachel Is Late” (season 8) - Rachel offers birth to their daughter, Emma.”The One wherein Monica Sings” (season 9) - Ross and Rachel argue end their date lives, and also Rachel moves earlier with Joey.

Rachel and also Joey briefly day in season 10, and then the all around Ross and Rachel again together she’s available a task in Paris, and also Ross realizes he’s still in love with her. In the series’ finale, Ross chases after ~ her and tells her (at the airport) that he quiet loves her. The goes earlier to his apartment, believing Rachel is top top her method to Paris, just to find out that she acquired off the plane. Ross and also Rachel end up together, and also it’s presume they got married at some point. These two had, through far, the most complicated relationship in Friends.