The Zambezi is the 4th longest flow in Africa, ~ the Nile, Congo, and also Niger Rivers. The is the longest eastern flowing flow in Africa.

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It flows with six countries on its journey from its resource in north-western Zambia to the Indian Ocean, an exceptional 2 700 km.

This river evokes secret and excited with few rivers in the world remaining together pristine or as small explored.


Zambezi flow running follow me the Zambezi national Park in Zimbabwe

The resource of the mighty Zambezi flow lies at about 1 500 m (4 900ft) above sea level in the Mwinilunga District, very close to the border whereby Zambia, Angola and also the Congo meet.

From there it flows v Zambia, Angola, Namibia and Botswana then earlier along the border of Zambia and also Zimbabwe lastly discharging into the Indian s at that is delta in Mozambique. The area the its catchment container is 1 390 000 square km which is fifty percent that that the Nile.


The size of the Zambezi River

The power of the Zambezi River has actually been harnessed along its journey at two points, the very first being Kariba Dam in Zimbabwe and the 2nd Cahora Bassa Dam in Mozambique. Both this dams are resources of hydroelectric power and also supply a large portion of strength to Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

Recently worrying reports have popped up in the push that the Zambezi Seaway Scheme, a project to open up up the Zambezi to enable the transportation of goods and minerals native the hinterland, is ago on the cards. Click below for complete details and also to leave her comments.

For years over there has also been talk and also plans of one more Hydroelectric Dam come be built in the Batoka gorge just listed below Victoria Falls, of major problem is the these plans are an extremely much lively again. To discover out much more please click on this link "Batoka gorge Dam Project" as we proceed to follow and also oppose this threaten project.

The rivers beauty has attracted tourist from all over the world and also provides great opportunities for video game viewing and various water sports. Hippopotamus, crocodiles, elephants and lions space some examples of wildlife girlfriend will discover along miscellaneous parts of the Zambezi River.

I suggest that we look at this exceptional river in three sections:

Upper Zambezi

From the resource the river flows to the south-west the end of Zambia and into Angola for about 240 km (150miles). Once it re-enters Zambia the is approximately 400m (1300ft) wide in the merganser season and is rapid flowing at Cholwezi rapids and the Chavuma Falls.

The flow runs south now for a distance of around 800 km (500miles) and in this distance just drops about 180m (590ft). The is an extremely slow flowing for most of this section as it enters an area known as the Barotse Floodplain wherein the width of the river reaches up to 25 km (16miles) in the rainy season.

The upper component of the Zambezi flow is only sparsely lived in by pastoralists, farmers and fishermen. During the merganser season once the plain is in overwhelming a ceremony well-known as the Ku-omboka ceremony take location as the local civilization move to greater ground to escape the overwhelming waters.

One local individual law is the the Zambezi River has actually a spirit called Nyami Nyami – this soul brings lock water to thrive their crops and also fish to eat – and so they contact the flow “the flow of life”.

It then transforms easterly and also forms the border between Zambia and Namibia this is at the Katima Mulilo rapids.


The Zambezi River above the Victoria Falls

Eventually the meets the Chobe River and briefly forms a border with Botswana, before ending up being the border in between Zimbabwe and Zambia. That is in ~ this suggest that the 4 countries; Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and also Zimbabwe meet. The river then flows around another 80 kilometres down in the direction of Victoria Falls.

This section over the falls is where tour operators run many exciting tasks including kayaking, canoe trips, river cruises and also daily floats top top both the Zimbabwe and also Zambian sides. This is a spectacular section of the flow with numerous islands and channels, decision clear waters and also sandy beaches. It groups with birds and wildlife.

The Zimbabwe side is a national park dubbed the Zambezi nationwide Park whilst top top the Zambian next there room many small lodges i m sorry blend right into the financial institutions of the river, plus around 20kms the the river"s coastline lies in ~ the Mosi-oa-Tunya national Park.

The middle Zambezi

The Victoria drops are considered the boundary between the upper and also middle Zambezi. For the next 500 km the flow serves together the border between Zambia and also Zimbabwe.Below the falls the river continues to circulation due east for about 200 kilometres (120miles), cutting v gorges of basalt rock between 200 come 250 metres (660 to 820ft) high. That is in these gorges where the commercial white water rafting currently takes place. The Zambezi river is graded as a class 5 river. This is the greatest grade the a river have the right to be graded for white water rafting, definition this is as wet and also wild together it gets. The Victoria Falls likewise serves as a backdrop for many other adventure sports consisting of the well known bungee jump from the Victoria drops Bridge.


The Zambezi under the drops running in the gorge

The river drops 250m over the following 200 km before entering Lake Kariba. The Kariba Dam which to be completed in 1959 is among the largest man-made lakes in the world. The hydroelectric power produced at the dam provides electrical energy for lot of Zambia and Zimbabwe.

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Lake Kariba is 226 km long and also in areas up come 40 km broad and support a flourishing commercial fishing industry and is a terrific tourist attraction.