Knowing the adjective inquiries will aid you understand and identify adjectives.

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Before us look in ~ the questions, we need to make sure that you remember what adjectives are. Adjectives describe nouns and pronouns. 


The wise, handsome owl had orange eyes.

The, wise, and handsome are adjectives telling us an ext about the noun owl

Orange is one adjective informing us more about the noun eyes

Adjectives generally answer one of the adhering to questions around the noun or pronoun that they are modifying.


Which one(s)?

Alice wore the colorful outfit.

Which outfit? thecolorfulThe and colorful are adjectives editing and enhancing the noun outfit

(The is a special kind of adjective dubbed an article. and an are additionally articles.)

What kind?

Alice ate infant food. 

What kind that food? baby

Baby is one adjective editing and enhancing the noun food.

Note that words can act as various parts of decided in different sentences.

In this sentence, baby is an adjective, but you can likewise use baby together a noun (She is our baby.) or a verb (Don"t infant me!).

How many?

Alice drank numerous sips that water.

How many sips? severalSeveral is an adjective editing and enhancing the noun sips.


I can"t find Alice"s toys.

Whose toys? Alice"sAlice"s is an adjective telling us an ext about the noun toys.

(Alice"s is a possessive noun functioning as an adjective.)

Sentence diagrams provide us a way to present how the native in our sentences are related to each other. Diagramming adjectives helps you watch that they modify nouns and also pronouns. Adjectives go on a slanted heat under the noun or pronoun that they room modifying.


We had hot coffee and two eggs because that breakfast.

Hot is an adjective describing the noun coffee. (What type of coffee? hot coffee)Two is an adjective modifying the noun eggs. (How countless eggs? two eggs)


My green and white book fell.

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My, green, and white are adjectives modifying the noun book. (Whose book? my book) (Which book? green and also white book)

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