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type": "ImageObject","url": "","name": " Inc."},"description": "Rum, cigars and revolution have been, perhaps, at the very least until recently, the three most renowned exports indigenous Cuba. Luckily, with the embargo lifted (or shortly to be lifted), those travel to the U.S. Could soon be able to pick up few of these (with the exemption of revolution, perhaps) top top their means from Havana. Except the huge three, over there are quite a few other points worth considering together a distinctive Cuban gift. To discover which exactly, inspect out the proposed..."}All CitiesBecome a GuideArticlesshow_user_acc_blk(1);show_js_inner();18 uniquely Cuban things to purchase in HavanaRum, cigars and change have been, perhaps, at least until recently, the three most renowned exports from Cuba. Luckily, through the embargo lifted (or shortly to it is in lifted), those travel to the U.S. Might soon be able to pick up some of these (with the exemption of revolution, perhaps) ~ above their way from Havana. Except the big three, over there are quite a few other things worth considering together a unique Cuban gift. To find out which exactly, check out the proposed list!(To visit the venues pointed out in this article, examine out this Self-Guided Walking tours in Havana)Image Courtesy of: Jürgen Geuter, Leslie Duss1. PaintingsImage Courtesy of: Bryan LedgardHavana is famous for its beauty beauty - the roads lined v old early american buildings, vintage cars almost everywhere and, of course, the beauty, beauty of the Caribbean nature. One can record some of this beauty, beauty with simple snapshots, however, there are plenty that first-hand drawings and oil paintings on sale throughout the city (beginning with touristy, souvenir-like ones, uncovered at most markets, and also the much more serious ones in the city"s plenty of galleries) and at amazingly reasonable prices, too. Even a gallery painting can expense as small as $100, when the touristy ones would go for roughly $20. A visit to among the local markets, such together Varadero, will watch you get an extremely cheaply a decent painting done by a neighborhood artist. As with all art, simply make certain to purchase it since you prefer it, not because you want to resell that afterwards.Where to find it:Havana craft & Souvenir MarketDesampardos, Havana, Cubaaisles and aisles of paintings, jewelry and other neighborhood handicrafts. Centro Wilfredo Lam: S Ignacio 22 esq. Empedrado; Mon-Sat 10am-5pm. Short-lived exhibits with contemporary art native the 3rd World.+53 7 612096 ‎cnap.cult.cuGaleria Forma: C/Obispo #255 e/ Cuba y Aguiar; Mon-Sat 10 am-4 pm. Small-format sculptures by influential Cuban artists. Additionally painting.Galeria Habana: C/Linea e/ E y F, Vedado; Mon.-Sat. 10am-4 pm. Paintings, silkscreen prints, and also drawings by young Cuban artists.2Offline reading and also travel directions:You can carry this post in your mobile device to read offline and create a self-guided walk to visit the venues featured herein with the app (available ~ above iTunes app Store or Google pat Store).2. Hardwood HandicraftImage Courtesy of: llee_wuMost Havana"s craft industries are packed with woodwork - kitschy ashtrays, figurines, too wood piece of great quality. Cubans have couple of natural resources available, but what they do have, lock make complete use of and a one an excellent resource is coast wood, right for wood carving. You can pickup a nicely excellent ashtray, a tiny Castro or Che figurine, or a vintage automobile model (usually do of wood and soda cans) because that as little as $3-$10.Cuba may well not have actually a very long tradition of handicrafts, yet the inflow of tourists in current years has prompted local artisans come quickly consist of for the shed time. Many gift shops and street markets anywhere the city space teeming with locally-produced handicrafts. Their most popular merchandise incorporate woodcarvings and also statues, papier-mâché masks and religious figurines, too as straightforward jewelry made from shells and seeds. Also on sale room a variety of Afro-Cuban percussion instruments, such together two-headed, hourglass-shaped bata drums; combine bongos, sculpted African-style religious drums; and also congas, the modern-day salsa backbone. Shékeres (gourd shakers) and claves (two wood sticks provided to pat the fundamental rhythm in miscellaneous Cuban genres) are also available.The Calle Tacón industry was once a substantial crafts industry in Havana. After that closed down a couple of years ago, all its vendors have actually relocated to the Almacenes san José, i m sorry is now the city´s largest craft market, giving clothing, paintings, traveler souvenirs, ceramics, baseball bats, jewelry, and also a multitude of other products. That is open day-to-day 9am-5pm.Where to discover it:Calle Tacón street market, open up Wednesday with Sunday native 9am to 6pm; situated in La Habana Vieja top top Calle Tacón, between Calles Empedrado and Chacón. Various other than typical crafts and also souvenir T-shirts, there"s wealth of works by regional artists, mostly amateurs, showing street scene and significant local landmarks. Still, v a little of luck and also persistence, there"s a possibility to discover some decent artworks below too.Another open street market, much smaller, operates daily in Vedado on the south side that La Rampa, at Calle 23, between Calles M and N. The stays open up from 9am to 5pm, and, although much lesser top top the artwork than Calle Tacón, still features lots of woodcarvings and basic jewelry for sale.Buy it on Amazon:
Offline reading and also travel directions:You can lug this short article in her mobile machine to read offline and also create a self-guided walk come visit the venues featured herein through the app (available ~ above iTunes app Store or Google pat Store).3. World-Famous Cuban Cohiba CigarsImage Courtesy of: LindsayWhen it pertains to cigars, Cuban cigars require no advent and amongst them, Cohibas are thought about like no other. Cohiba cigars concerned life as the handiwork that an live independence cigar maker, who greatly made them because that friends and acquaintances. One day, one such cigar made its method into the hand of Fidel Castro, who made decision to look for out this man and learn his secrets. Castro to be so impressed with the cigars the he made decision to set up a little factory in an old mansion near Havana. For the first two decades, Cohiba"s exclusivity didn"t adjust so much, tho being reserved for friends, yet this time Castro"s friends. Cohibas were often gifted to foreign state officials and soon ended up being highly appreciated exterior of Cuba together well. In 1982, the factory was extended and also the cigars became easily accessible to more than simply the political elite.Cohibas are an extremely well regarded amongst the world elite and also will make a an excellent present even for a non-smoker. The cigars are made through Habanos SA, using top secret methods and also tobacco indigenous 10 handpicked fields. The procedure of manufacturing is likewise considered unique, it involves several stages of fermentation and also yields some of the smoothest full-bodied cigars available. Please store in mind that authentic Cohibas have the right to only it is in purchased in upper-scale shops/hotels; carry out not shot to to buy them turn off the streets. Also, Cuban law permits only up to 50 cigars, in a sealed box, to it is in taken out of the country.Prices because that a box begin at $50 and also can climb over $400 for much more select cigars. Most are offered in boxes, however, part are sold in smaller sized 5 package or singles.NOTE: Cuban cigars space not enabled in the USA.Where to uncover it:Casa del Habano 5ta. Ave. No. 1407 esq. A 16, Miramar. Ciudad de La Habana Telephones: (53 7) 204-1185 · 208-7972 Open: Mon-Sat 10:30 - 18:30 hrs Casa del Tabaco Hostal Valencia. Ciudad de La Habana Telephones: (53 7) 867-1037 · 861-6423 Open: 09:00 - 17:00 hrsOffline reading and also travel directions:You can lug this article in her mobile machine to review offline and also create a self-guided walk to visit the venues featured herein through the application (available ~ above iTunes app Store or Google play Store).4. Havana club RumImage Courtesy of: Guillaume BaviereCuba and also most that the Caribbeans have a long history when it concerns rum. Rum has been spend in the region since early early american times and produced here for practically just as long. Prior to the Cuban revolution, the human being famous “Bacardi” to be headquartered in Havana, and although after ~ the revolution Bacardi moved to the adjacent Bahamas, a local company by the name “Havana Club” is once again do a surname for Cuban rum. Their rum has actually done very well at plenty of international competitions and also is becoming much more and much more popular. Similar to most rums developed in Latin countries, Cuban rum has a smooth taste and also a distinctive flavor, which it renders both a great cocktail rum (say, for a Cuba Libre or a Daiquiri) or delighted in the old sailor-way as a “Bumbo” (rum, water, street & nutmeg).“Havana Club” is mostly available at the upscale shops and also hotels, a very good place to taste and also buy is their own “Havana club Rum Museum”. There, because that a small fee ($6), you have the right to learn the background of rum in Cuba, obtain a taste the the rums created by Havana club and, of course, acquisition a party or two.

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Prices vary in between $3 and also 15.NOTE: Cuban rum is not allowed into the USA.Where to uncover it:El Museo del Ron Havana ClubAvenida del Puerto 262, esq. Sol,Habana ViejaCiudad de La HabanaTel: 53 (7) 861 8051 / 862 4108.contacto