You may have actually ordered crab in ~ a restaurant, such as crab cakes, or you may have been served a crab dish at a party; yet if you’ve never ever cooked and also cleaned a live Dungeness crab yourself, you can not be mindful of which specific parts ~ above the crab space edible. 

You could be thinking, “Isn’t any part of a crab technically edible?”

The price to your technical question is...sure! try it all out and also tell us exactly how you favor it! 

But in reality, you can want to simply stick v the components that are an excellent for you to eat and also that you have the right to actually digest normally. 

Choosing a nice-looking crab to eat is basic if you understand what come look for. 

To ensure you’re gaining a kind live Dungeness crab for your meal that will meet your taste buds, listen to the skilled advice. 

First that is great to remember that Dungeness crabs must be bigger in size compared to other species of crab--between 6 and also 10 inches in length, which will certainly yield you at least 25% of its body load in meat. Ignore the smaller sized crabs in stimulate to get the most succulent meat. 

Next, you want to be sure to choose a vivid Dungeness crab; one that appears lethargic or no moving roughly much or responding come stimulation might be sick. 

Once you"ve favored which live Dungeness crab you want to eat, chef it, clean it, produce a meal, and start eating.

Edible components of the Dungeness crab include:

Dungeness Crab Claws

“Arguably the most delectable component of the dungeness crab is the claws. This is where you"ll discover the largest muscle of the crab and therefore the largest section that meat,” (Leaf). You can crack the claws’ shells by using an intricate crab-cracking devices or by using really any kind of hard utensil girlfriend have. Then simply peel turn off the shell. 


Dungeness Crab Legs

“The subtle sweetness of Dungeness crab leg meat contrasts with the note of saltiness. The foot meat separates conveniently from the soft shell,” (Leaf). Dungeness crab legs space low in saturated fat and also are great source the acquire cracking! 

Dungeness Crab Body

The human body of the Dungeness crab is the most succulent and has the most meat, return it can take a tad much more work to obtain to. “Once the legs room off, the fin removed and the peak shell opened, you rinse the cavity clean and also crack it in half, lengthwise. Usage a hammer to break up the shell so you can pick the end the tender white meat inside,” (Leaf). 

Dungeness Crab Shells 

Of course we are not recommending the you consume Dungeness crab shells! However, “if you toss all the damaged shells in a stockpot and also cover them v cool water, you deserve to make a quite fish stock. Lug it up to a boil and also then simmer that for about 10 minutes. Strain the end the shells and use it because that bouillabaisse stock, chowder or fish soup base,” (Leaf).

The following time you’re prepared to eat totality Dungeness crab native Fathom Seafood, girlfriend now recognize which components of the body are delicious and nutritious and ones in i m sorry you can make entire recipes out of. 

Fathom ships end 1.5 million pounds of live crab to customers favor you each and also every year.

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