l> Hemingway Dead that Shotgun Wound; Wife says He was Cleaning Weapon
July 3, 1961 Hemingway Dead the Shotgun Wound; Wife states He to be Cleaning Weapon unique to The new York times

etchum, Idaho, July 2--Ernest Hemingway was uncovered dead that a shotgun wound in the head at his home below today.

His wife, Mary, claimed that he had killed self accidentally while clean the weapon.

The new York times
Hemingway's obituary ran on the front web page of The brand-new York time on July 3, 1961.

Mr. Hemingway, whose works won that a Nobel Prize and also a Pulitzer Prize, would have been 62 years old July 21.

open minded Hewitt, the Blaine county Sheriff, said after a preliminary examination that the fatality "looks prefer an accident." the said, "There is no evidence of foul play."

The body of the bearded, barrel-chested writer, clad in a robe and also pajamas, was found by his wife in the foyer that their modern-day concrete house.

A double-barreled, 12-gauge shotgun lay next to him v one room discharged.

Mrs. Hemingway, the author's fourth wife, whom he married in 1946, authorize this statement:

"Mr. Hemingway accidentally eliminated himself while cleaning a total this morning in ~ 7:30 A.M. No time has been collection for the funeral services, which will be private."

Mrs. Hemingway was placed under sedation.

Coroner beam McGoldrick said tonight that he would decide tomorrow, after speak to Mrs. Hemingway, even if it is to hold an inquest.

The writer to be discharged from mei Clinic in Rochester, Minn., critical Monday after 2 months of treatment for hypertension (high blood pressure) and what a mei spokesman dubbed a "very old" situation of hepatitis.

He had been cure there last year because that the very same conditions and had been released Jan. 23 after fifty-six days.

around a month ago, Mr. Hemingway's physician at the clinic defined his health as "excellent."

The author had to be worried about his weight, 200 pounds. The was 6 feet tall.

Mr. Hemingway and also his wife, that drove from Rochester, arrived Friday night at this town on the suburbs of sun Valley.

lining Atkinson, a Ketchum motel owner who has been a girlfriend of Mr. Hemingway for twenty years, was through him yesterday. That said, "He seemed to be in good spirits. We didn't talk around anything in particular. I think he invested last night at home."

However, Marshal Les Jankow, an additional friend and the very first law officer to with the scene, stated residents had actually told him the Mr. Hemingway had "looked thinner and acted depressed."

At the moment of the shooting, Mrs. Hemingway, the just other person in the house, lay asleep in a bedroom upstairs. The shot wake up her and she went under the stairway to uncover her husband's body close to a gun rack in the foyer.

Mrs. Hemingway told friends that she had been can not to find any type of note.

professional on firearms

Mr. Hemingway was an ardent hunter and an expert on firearms.

His father, Dr. Clarence E. Hemingway, to be also specialized to hunting. He shot himself to death at his home in Oak Park, Ill., in 1928 in ~ the age of 57, despondent over a diabetic condition. The death weapon was a Civil war pistol that had actually been own by the physician's father.

The layout of a father's suicide cropped up commonly in Mr. Hemingway's short stories and at the very least one novel, "For who the Bell Tolls."

Mr. Hemingway was offered his an initial shotgun at the age of 10.

as an adult, he sought the end danger. He to be wounded by mortar shells in Italy in world War I and also narrowly escaped fatality in the Spanish civil War once three shells plunged into his hotel room.

In people War II, that was hurt in a taxi accident the took ar in a blackout. The author practically died of blood poisoning top top one afri safari; he and his mam walked far from an airplane crash in 1954 on another big-game hunt.

Mr. Hemingway, that owned two estates in Cuba and also a house in vital West, Fla., began coming to Ketchum two decades ago. The bought his home right here from Robert Topping about three year ago.

the is a large, ultramodern concrete structure that sit on a hillside near the financial institutions of the hardwood River. The windows provide upon a panoramic see of the Sawtooth Mountains.

come Be hidden in Ketchum

"The funeral and burial will certainly be in Ketchum," Mr. McGoldrick said. "This was Mr. Hemingway's home, he loved it here."

Under a new Idaho regulation that took effect yesterday, the cook law-enforcement officer need to make an investigation right into every case of violent death and also determine the cause. That may hold an inquest if he wishes, however it is no mandatory.

so late in the day, Mr. McGoldrick said about the shooting:

"I have the right to only say in ~ this phase that the wound to be self-inflicted. The wound was in the head. I couldn't say it to be accidental and I couldn't speak it was suicide. Over there wasn't anybody there."

The coroner said that the Sheriff go not need to hand in his report on the fatality "for several days."

"If anything comes up indicating foul play, he may host an inquest," that said. "I don't think he'll host an inquest but, based on new evidence, it might be dubbed at any type of time."

the added: "He doesn't have to state in his report whether it was inadvertently or suicide."

Confers through Friends

"Mary felt it to be accidental and I hope that's the means it will certainly go out," Mr. Atkinson said. "But maybe we will have to change our plans and hold one inquest. I know that 'Papa' wouldn't provide a damn how it come out in the papers."

Previously, Mr. Atkinson had been liven trying to with members that Mr. Hemingway's immediate family. The telephoned Mrs. Jasper J. Jepson, the novelist's sister, who said that she would certainly fly to Ketchum immediately.

The author's 28-year-old son Gregory, a college of Miami medical student, will certainly fly below from Miami tomorrow. An additional son, Patrick, follow to Mr. Atkinson, is ~ above a safari in Africa and also a third, John, is fishing in Oregon.

Mourned by Kennedy

Hyannis Port, Mass., July 2 (UPI)--President Kennedy mourned tonight the fatality of Ernest Hemingway, who he called one of America's best authors and "one of the an excellent citizens the the world."

The President, that is spending the 4th of July weekend right here with his family, authorize a statement ~ hearing the Mr. Hemingway's death.

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