Interviewers frequently ask candidates a couple of predictable, thought-provoking questions. Candidates can and also should prepare in development to price these concerns effectively and also confidently. One instance is the question, "What renders you a good candidate because that this position?" In this article, us will explain why interviewers asking this question, administer steps come prepare your answer, give instance answers and also offer tips for an reliable response.

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Hiring managers frequently ask, "What provides you a good candidate for this position?" to see if girlfriend are mindful of just how your distinctive skills, experience and also education align v the position's responsibilities and also duties. Candidates need to be prepared to describe why they're a good fit for the position and also organization, describing certain accomplishments and also distinctive features that will include value come the company.

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Sometimes, hiring supervisors may asking this inquiry in a different form. Below are various other examples:

"Why space you a good fit because that this job?""What sets girlfriend apart as a unique candidate?""What provides you the ideal applicant?""Explain why you space the appropriate candidate."

Some interviewers may not questioning the inquiry at all, yet explaining why you room the best person for the project is still something castle will desire to know.

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Your solution should be a sales key to the rental manager around yourself. Use these steps to craft an reliable response:

Determine your strengths.Identify the company's needs.Create your shortlist.Write her pitch.Practice her answer.Respond confidently.

Depending on your experience and the qualifications because that the job, you deserve to determine your distinctive strengths because that the place using instances from the adhering to categories:

For example, if you space a current college graduate, focus on the value your recent education will carry to the company. Think around any new industry knowledge you obtained in her program and any study you completed. If you are an experienced industry member, take into consideration the skills you've occurred through your years that experience.

Look at the job description and also research the company. See just how your specific an abilities and qualifications align with both the daily duties the the position and also the mission and also goals of the organization overall. Frequently you can discover the company's mission on its website.

Review your list of strengths and compare them come the company's needs. Produce a shortlist of three or 4 outstanding attributes that demonstrate your distinctive qualifications for the position and also the value you'll bring to the organization.

Using her shortlist of impressive strengths, write a concise review you deserve to share with the rental manager in the interview. It should sound natural, for this reason make certain the writing mirrors your decided patterns.

Practice responding naturally to the question. You desire to know just how you'll answer in advance, however your spoken answer shouldn't sound unnatural and rehearsed. Have a friend to ask girlfriend "What provides you a an excellent candidate because that the position?" in a few different ways and vary your answers, making certain you explain your main points every time.

In the interview, be confident in your response. Remember, the interviewer may not ask you "What renders you a an excellent candidate for the position?" in those specific words, if in ~ all. It's tho a an excellent idea to share why you're the ideal candidate so the hiring manager to know what distinct qualifications set you personal from other applicants.

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Use these instance answers to aid structure your own response to the concern "What provides you a great candidate because that this position?":

Example 1: executive assistantExample 2: computer programmerExample 3: NurseExample 4: LawyerExample 5: Teacher

"I have worked hard in previous tasks to develop specific and essential soft skills for this position. Ns am a extremely organized person, which renders me a great choice to manage an executive's calendar. Ns am extremely personable, so ns feel confident taking care of phone calls and also email correspondence. Ns am also really adaptable. If the executive has a sudden change of plans, I will quickly and also confidently manage all the to update to your schedule."

"I have a strong collection of an abilities that uniquely qualified me for this job. I'm well-versed in a wide selection of computer programming languages. I newly completed professional advancement on the latest updates to Python. I'm taken into consideration an expert source controller, and also I command a training because that my partner in mine last position on ideal practices for resource control. I'm also good at composing tests for my code, so the company won't need to hire an outside tester i m sorry will conserve time and money."

"I'm an skilled registered nurse with a variety of professional success that make me a great fit because that the job. In my last position, I created a provide proposal and also received resources to finish research ~ above proactive education practices. I was additionally the nurse liaison come the hospital board tasked with connecting the parenting staff's requirements to the hospital's leadership. Since I started my career, I try to volunteer at least one day a month in ~ the complimentary clinic downtown to help those in need and assess how the field of nursing deserve to improve proactive measures. I feel these experiences and accomplishments will help me move the education staff toward a much more proactive patience approach."

"I'm an excellent candidate because that a partner-track position at this firm. I have years of varied suffer that will carry out the firm with distinct insight. ~ graduating from legislation school, i clerked because that a federal judge for a year. After ~ that, i joined a prestigious over-seas legislation firm together a contract attorney. I easily moved into an associate position, whereby I have actually been honing my litigation an abilities for the last 5 years. Ns am a fast learner and committed to my clients. My experience working because that a judge and also with a diverse populace overseas will add value come the firm."

"As a teacher, I believe my own education and learning is a an useful asset to my classroom work. After completing my bachelor's degree, I operated in one under-performing school district for 3 years prior to returning come school. I earned a master's level during i m sorry I created my thesis on low-cost interventions to deter drop-outs. I went earlier into the classroom full time and also spent the last 5 years perfect my Ph.D. While teaching. Mine dissertation is an detailed study that the services of exterior supports on enhancing graduation rates in low-income communities. I can use mine research and also knowledge to enhance student outcomes at this school."

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Keep these tips in mind as you respond to the question "What renders you a an excellent candidate because that this position?":

Prepare in advance. recognize what skills, accomplishments, experiences or education and learning you setup to point out ahead of her interview. Exercise explaining them prior to your yes, really interview so her answer is clear.Give concrete examples. when possible, give concrete examples of your an abilities to demonstrate how you'll carry value to the company.Tie your response to firm goals. mention specifically how you will boost the company with your distinct qualifications.Focus ~ above yourself. Your an answer should show why you are the finest candidate. Avoid stating other candidates or why girlfriend are better than lock are.Speak confidently. trust will show your certainty the you room the ideal candidate to hire.Be honest. Speak honestly about your qualifications and skills.

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