How is the human body similar to a well-tuned machine?

Many civilization have contrasted the person body come a machine. Think around some usual machines, such as drills and also washing machines. Each an equipment consists of many parts, and also each component does a particular job, yet every the parts work-related together to execute an in its entirety function. The human being body is like a machine in all these ways. In fact, it may be the most terrific machine ~ above Earth.

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The human machine is arranged at different levels, beginning with the cell and also ending with the entire organism (see Figure below). In ~ each higher level that organization, there is a greater level of complexity.


The human organism has several level of organization.


The most an easy parts the the human maker are cells—an amazing 100 trillion of lock by the time the average human reaches adulthood! Cells room the basic units of framework and function in the human body, as they are in all living things. Every cell dead out an easy life procedures that allow the body to survive. Countless human cell are devoted in type and function, as presented in Figure below. Each kind of cabinet in the figure plays a certain role. Because that example, nerve cells have long projections that assist them carry electrical messages to other cells. Muscle cells have numerous mitochondria that administer the energy they require to move the body.

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The human body is composed of these four tissue types.

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Connective tissue is made up of cell that form the body’s structure. Examples encompass bone and cartilage. Epithelial tissue is comprised of cells the line inner and also outer human body surfaces, such together the skin and also the lining the the cradle tract. Epithelial organization protects the body and also its internal organs, secretes building materials such together hormones, and also absorbs substances such together nutrients. Muscle tissue is comprised of cells that have actually the unique ability to contract, or become shorter. Muscle attached come bones allow the human body to move. Nervous tissue is consisted of of neurons, or nerve cells, that carry electrical messages. Nervous tissue renders up the mind and the nerves that connect the brain to all components of the body.

Organs and also Organ Systems

After tissues, organs space the next level of company of the human body. One organ is a structure that is composed of two or more types of tissues that occupational together to carry out the same job. Examples of person organs include the brain, heart, lungs, skin, and also kidneys. Human organs space organized right into organ systems, many of i beg your pardon are displayed in Figure below. One organ system is a group of guts that occupational together to lug out a facility overall function. Each organ of the system does part of the larger job.