While most Pokémon evolve by achieving the ideal level, numerous Alolan monsters in Sun and also Moon have special demands that the video game never speak you about. Here’s how to fulfill all the distinctive evolution requirements. (Spoilers!)

Rattata evolves into (Alola) Raticate at level 20, in ~ night.

Pikachu evolves into (Alola) Raichu v a Thunder Stone, which can be purchased on Akala Island.

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Meowth evolves right into (Alola) Persian v high happiness. Utilizing a high-end ball to record Meowth would immediately raise its pleasure a bit. You deserve to raise pleasure by winning battles, offering it a massage in Konikoni city, and feeding the vitamins. You can examine a monster’s joy in Konikoni City, and giving her Meowth a reassuring Bell will increase just how much joy it gains.

Graveler evolves right into (Alola) Golem through trading, as with before.

Cubone evolves into (Alola) Marowak at level 28, throughout the night.

Exeggcute evolves into (Alola) Exeggutor through a leaf Stone, which deserve to be purchase on Akala Island.



Yungoos evolves right into Gumshoos in ~ level 20, during the day.

Rockruff will constantly evolve into Lycanroc at level 25, however the form depends ~ above the video game you’re playing. “Midday form” appears in Sun, and also “Midnight form” shows up in Moon.

Type: Null evolves into Silvally v high happiness. You have the right to raise happiness by win battles, offering it a massage in Konikoni city, and feeding the vitamins. Girlfriend can check a monster’s happiness in Konikoni City, and also giving her Type: Null a reassuring Bell will certainly increase exactly how much happiness it gains.

Charjabug evolves right into Vikavolt if leveled up while in huge Poni Canyon.

Crawbrawler evolves right into Crabominable if leveled when on top of mount Lanakina.

Fomantis evolves into Lurantis in ~ level 34, during the day.

Sandshrew evolves right into (Alola) Sandslash v an ice cream Stone, which deserve to be obtained in Ula’ula Island’s Po Town.


Vulpix evolves into (Alola) Ninetails with an ice Stone, which have the right to be obtained in Ula’ula Island’s Po Town.

Salandit evolves into Salazzle at level 33, however only if female.

Steenee evolves into Tsareena if it to know the move “Stomp” (acquired at level 29.)


Finally, it’s worth noting the some advancement items can also be derived through bag Pelago, where you can build an island referred to as Isle Aphun. There, you will find rare stones.

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EDIT: because that those of you asking, Magneton can evolve right into Magnezone in ~ Poni Canyon.



Man, several of these seem awfully specific to Alola. Wonder how it’ll work in other games. I thought it would acquire confusing just with Eevee to Sylveon request Pokemon Amie (still nothing know just how that functions in Sun/Moon)

And how do/will Pokemon prefer Pikachu and Eggsecute work because it has 2 different evolutionary develops that require the same technique to evolve them? deserve to you not obtain the regular forms external of Alola? deserve to you ONLY gain the Alolan forms in Sun/Moon?