The official language of the Republic of Cuba is Spanish, and also - provided the high level of proficiency of Cubans - use is correct and also ample v “cubanismos” or idiosyncratic words. Many human being speak english, and also those functioning in tourism often tend to also speak German, French, Italian, and Russian.

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In Cuba, Spanish to be enriched by the language the Taíno indians, who stayed in the archipelago prior to the come of the Spanish. Lock left words like “batea, bohío, canoa, carey, hamaca, or tabaco.” there is additionally a clear visibility of English v the neo-colonial relations established during the 20th century the left many words and structures in the languages of central and southern America.

You have to be aware that there are plenty of words that have a different meaning than the one they have in various other Spanish countries, some space worth completely avoiding. Because that example, words “papaya” refers to a fruit in Spain and other countries, whereas the is used to surname the genitalia of females in Cuba. The fruit is referred as “Fruta bomba” in Cuba. On the various other hand, the expression “vale” that is widely provided as “ok” in numerous countries, might be understood as extremely harsh by Cubans, due to the fact that it is normally interpreted as “stop” or “shut up.”

Here girlfriend can discover a navard of state you might find useful when visiting the island:

Carro: Car.


Máquina:American cars native the 50s


Chófer:any human being driving.

Hacer la botella:hitchhiking.


Piquera:Stop (a stop).

Entronque: crossroads.

Ochovía: highway.


Gomas: auto wheels.

Timón:steering wheel.


Pepes: foreigners.

Quedarse botado:be left come your very own means.

Carpeta: front desk.

Vaucher: admission, ticket.


Tomar: to drink.

Pájaro/pajarillo:derogatory slang term for gay men.

Trusa: swimsuit.

Cholo:Long pants.

Bohío:Country home with the roof made of palm leaves.

Fajarse:Get angry, argue, fight.

Guajiro: farmer.


Jinetero:those who harass tourists to attain money with trickery.

Bola:Piece of gossip, rumour.

Pelota: baseball.



Paladar:Home restaurants (homeowners in Cuba might be permitted to serve food in their own homes. The top quality tends to it is in great, and the cost, low).

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