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Hey, boys (and probably girls). What type of girl carry out you attract? perform you attract the geeks? How about the goths? Or possibly random girls? soon you will see...

All you need to do is prize these straightforward questions. Price them the would best describe you. Remember to answer honestly for the best results. Have actually fun!

Created by: Hinata

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What is her age? Under 18 years Old 18 come 24 year Old 25 to 30 years Old 31 come 40 years Old 41 come 50 years Old 51 come 60 year Old end 60 year OldWhat is your gender? male FemaleWhat kinds of colors carry out you favor to wear? Dark colors Bright colors typical A lot of colorsWhat ideal describes you? loud, energetic ordinary person dark human crazy a rebelDo you discover yourself attractive? yes no somewhat I would certainly be if I changed my look at a littleWould you song in public? together loud as I can softly possibly nope too shy If ns were in churchWhat is your style? Punk Gangster Average whatever NerdyWhat is your favorite cereal? Trix Cheerios Cornflakes ApplejacksWhat"s the ideal activity? Dancing creating Videogames/computer CuttingFavorite type of taste? Spicy Fruity Tangy SourFavorite kind of mirrors to watch? Anime truth Sci-fi DramaGenre the music? rock Pop nation Emo rap R&B

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Quiz topic: What type of girl carry out I attract?

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