It is most likely that the apostles dined with Christ on fresh tilapia.

In the Gospel that John, thing 21, the Resurrected Christ reveals himself to seven of the apostles, who had actually been out all night fishing to no avail. As soon as the exhausted group watch Jesus ~ above the shore, they do not acknowledge him at first, until he directs them to actors the network off the appropriate side the the boat, where they ensnare a mighty to draw of 153 “large” fish.

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The accounts of the Gospel keep in mind that the apostles caught fish, and also John goes so far regarding give a very exact number, however he neglected to cite what sort of fish they enjoyed during breakfast through Jesus. It took a small sleuth work, yet we’ve narrowed down the many probably key course because that that early on morning meal.

According to records, there are 27 species of fish in the Sea of Galilee and also of these just 10 are prized by fishermen. This 10 varieties divide right into three categories: the musht, the Kinneret Sardine, and also the biny (or barbel). Of these the Kinneret Sardine is directly out, since it is typically too small to capture in a net and also they were usually booked for pickling, and also we recognize that the apostle cooked your fish top top the fire.

John explained the fish recorded in the apostle’s net together “large,” for this reason we should look at fish the are huge enough to be caught in a net, if too large for the 7 apostles to hoist the end of the water. The biny is certainly large enough to it is in a candidate, together it lock can thrive to about 4 feet long and also weigh approximately 25 lbs. However, the biny calls for bait come catch and also thus the would call for a hook and line rather than a net.

This brings united state to the musht, a type of tilapia that exists in five varieties within the Sea of Galilee. Among these arrays reaches around a foot-and-a-half long, weighing in in ~ 4-5 lbs. A to draw of 153 musht can weigh upwards the 750 lbs, which might explain why the apostles can not traction the net from the water.

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The musht is generally determined as the fish i m sorry Peter caught, to such degree that natives to the an ar refer to it as “St. Peter’s fish.” it was one of the most commonly caught fish of the biblical era and hauls of them would certainly be carried in by net.

While it seems that the types that has traditionally been believed to be “St. Peter’s fish” is most likely the exactly type, over there is another explanation regarding why St. John didn’t keep in mind the varieties of fish the they dined on. It is possible that the number 153 was symbolic the the direction Jesus’ post-Resurrection Ministry would take.

Peter and also Vanessa Steffens note that at the moment of the Gospel of John, over there were only 153 known types of fish. Until this point, the to adjust of Christ had been focused on the civilization of Israel, however Jesus was preparing the apostle to start their world-wide ministry, suggesting that the 153 fish symbolized every the human being of the world. Together the apostles were currently the “fishers that men,” this means Christ might have to be directing castle to actors the net farther than simply the soil of their births.

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