Hydrogen and also Oxygen space Non-metals.

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They have Strong linkages, i.e. It is calledCovalent Bond.Instead of shedding an electron, Hydrogen and Oxygen Share electrons come fullouter Shells.H2O molecules space "V-shaped", consisting of 2 hydrogen atomsattached to the sides of a single oxygen atom.Covalent Bonding in Water Molecule recognized as Polar Covalent Bond because the electrons shared by the atoms spend a higher amount the time.Oxygen is much more electronegative atom 보다 Hydrogen, which method it attracts electrons more Strongly. due to which:Oxygen is partial an unfavorable charge due to "High Electron Density".Hydrogen is partial confident Charge due to "Low Electron Density".​Selected physical properties of water​:

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Non-polar Covalent BondNon-polar Covalent Bond space bonds that occurs when two atom share a pair of electrons through each other.For example, A molecule of Oxygen (O2) is nonpolar because the electrons space equally shared between the two Oxygen atoms.
Polar Covalent BondPolar Covalent Bond room chemical bonds wherein electrons room unequally shared in between the 2 atoms.For example, A bond in between Hydrogen and Chlorine dubbed Hydrogen Chloride (HCL).The atom of Chlorinespend a greater amount of timebecauseChlorineis moreelectronegative atomthan Hydrogen.
Ionic BondIonic bond, likewise called anelectrovalent bond, kind of linkage created from the electrostatic attraction in between oppositely fee ions in a chemical compound.An ionic bond is in reality the extreme case of a polar covalent bond, the latter resulting native unequal share of electrons rather than finish electron transfer.
MetallicBondMetallic bond, the force that holds atom together in a metallic substance.

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such a solid is composed of closely packed atoms.