Whoops! The Kung Fu Panda franchise has actually pulled in an ext than $1 billion at package office, but one the its command stars doesn’t also know the type of animal he plays.

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Dustin Hoffman made an figure on the Today show on Tuesday, January 26, come talk around the upcoming third installment that the beloved man film, in which that reprises his role as the wise grasp Shifu. 

When now anchor Matt Lauer asked what form of animal Master Shifu was, Hoffman, 78, looked slightly confused, admitting, “I’m not even sure … what is … Is that a raccoon?”

Off-camera a man deserve to be heard telling him that understand Shifu is, in fact, a red panda.

“I’m a red panda?” the responds, skeptical.


The films function Po the panda (Jack Black), tiger Tigress (Angelina Jolie), Monkey (Jackie Chan), a praying mantis called Mantis (Seth Rogen), a snake named Viper (Lucy Liu) and also Crane (David Cross).


Liu, Hoffman, Jolie, Black, Bryan Cranston, Kate Hudson and J.K. Simmons attend the premiere the DreamWorks Animation and Twentieth Century Fox’s “Kung Fu Panda 3” top top Jan. 16. Todd Williamson/Getty Images

The first two installments to be nominated because that Academy Awards for ideal Animated Film, yet two-time Oscar winner Hoffman additionally admitted there might have to be even an ext triumphs in his commemorated career.

“I turned down many more brilliant things and more an excellent directors than any type of actor i know,” that admitted, noting that the 1977 blockbuster near Encounters that the third Kind was one together film.


“I read it and also when i finished it, i said, ‘That’s the finest script I’ve ever read, and I’m no going to do it,’” he revealed. “I think I had a problem with success. I turned Woody Allen down. Ns turned Schindler’s list down. I turned Fellini down, ns turned Bergman down.”

And despite his six-decade-long career, Hoffman doesn’t feel like a star.

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“I lastly have a feeling of myself the priorities,” he said. “It doesn’t embarrass me to carry out good. Ns wasn’t fear of gift a star. ns did not deserve it.”

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