The Clean Water plot (CWA) is the centerpiece of federal law addressing contamination in U.S. Waters. Under section 312 that the CWA, courage sewage might be managed through the facility of locations in i m sorry discharges of sewer from vessels space not allowed. These areas are additionally known as "no-discharge zones" (NDZs).

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What is an NDZ for vessel sewage?

An NDZ is one area in which both treated and also untreated sewer discharges native vessels space prohibited. In ~ NDZ boundaries, vessel operators are compelled to retain their sewer discharges onboard because that discharge in ~ sea (beyond 3 miles indigenous shore) or onshore at a pump-out facility.

How is one area designated as an NDZ under the CWA?

The CWA list three situations where a state may initiate the process to create an NDZ:

The state determines that the water body requires greater ecological protection, and also finds that enough pump-out framework are available. (Commonly recognized as a 312(f)(3) NDZ) A state may completely prohibit sewage discharge from vessels, whether the sewer is cure or not, right into some or every one of its waters if:the state determines the the protection and also enhancement the the quality of the waterbody requires greater eco-friendly protection than the current federal standards allow; and

Who enforces the NDZ requirements?

Under ar 312 the the CWA, the U.S. Coast Guard and the state in i m sorry the NDZ has actually been designated might enforce the NDZ requirements. (33 U.S.C. 1322(k) (PDF)(10 pp, 170 K)). 

How does a vessel operator comply with an NDZ?

The needs for vessel operators are defined in 33 CFR 159.7(b)-(c) (PDF) (2 pp, 190 K). The regulations permit for four methods of securing a kind I or II maritime sanitation maker (MSD) while in one NDZ, including:

Closing the seacock and also removing the handle;Padlocking the seacock in the close up door position;Using a non-releasable wire-tie to host the seacock in the close up door position; orLocking the door to the an are enclosing the toilets v a padlock or door handle an essential lock.

For kind III devices, the following options are available:

Closing valves leading to overboard discharge and removing the handle;Padlocking any type of valves causing overboard discharge in the closed position; orHolding overboard discharge valves closed using a non-releasable wire-tie.

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Which states have NDZs?

A number of states have designated some or all of their surface waters as NDZs. A list of established NDZs might be discovered at No-Discharge area by State. Visit the No-Discharge area Map webpage to view an interactive GIS map of all designated NDZs, as well.