Why is it "three score years and ten" almost half the time and also not constantly "three score and also ten years"?

Note: i edited the inquiry body and title in light of comments and answers pointing me come a Google expression frequency graph which indicates that the two versions room used about equally regularly right now.

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I had actually never heard AFAIK, "three score and also ten years".


"Threescore years and ten" is a quotation native Psalm 90:10 in the KJV. That describes how come that specific wording, through the noun "years" before the "and" fairly than in ~ the end, is for this reason common. Additionally how come that is supplied at all, long after it to be anything favor customary to express number 40 and up in regards to scores.


It is an idiom expression as the expression Finder suggests:

"Three score and ten" is the nominal span of a human being life. In the days the this expression to be coined that span was thought about to it is in seventy years.

Threescore supplied to be offered for sixty, in the method that we still usage a dozen for twelve, and also (occasionally) score because that twenty.The use of threescore as a surname for sixty has actually long because died out but is tho remembered in this phrase. Threescore goes back to at least 1388, as in this from man Wyclif"s Bible, Leviticus 12, at that date:"Thre scoor and also sixe daies."

There are numerous uses the "threescore" in the Bible. Many of them describe its simple an interpretation as the number sixty, for example:"...threescore and ten bullocks, an hundred rams, and also two hundred lambs: all these were because that a charred offering come the Lord."

See consumption frequency the “three score years and ten” vs “three score and also ten” in Google Books

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