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1. What is the plastic sheeting protecting?

2. Because that what period of time and under what conditions must the plastic hold up?

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Common supplies For different Thickness that Plastic Sheeting

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting:

Heavy Duty Plastic Sheeting- what is it? It very first boils under to what task will the plastic sheeting be required to perform? A 6 mil reinforced film have the right to be taken into consideration "heavy duty" as soon as it is used to covering a workdesk to save it clean of dust. That same "heavy duty sheet" would certainly not be strong enough to line a land fill. Expertise the strength and thickness that the film, it"s composition and additives and chemical make-up and also the task it has to perform will assist determine if a movie is fit because that the job at hand. That is an essential that the movie not just be assessed top top it"s mil thickness. For example, if the film is in the sun, it requirements UV protection additives to keep its strength.


Plastic Sheeting Mil Thickness Uses

1-2 mil

Economical/ irradiate duty protection for indoor painting • Covering tools • pallets • furniture throughout painting

3 mil

Self-Adhesive plastics for:Counters, Carpeting, Floors, Hardwood, Tile, bathtub Tubs C&A Films: Painting, consists (thickness indistinguishable is a plastic purchase bag)

6 Mil

Barge Liners/ liner •Construction Enclosures•Temporary Erosion Control•Construction Enclosures • Remediation Covers

Temporary liners or consist of • Shipping and Packaging•Insulation membrane • Curtains•Job site Covers • Vapor Retarders • hardwood Covers • Cargo Wraps·Silage consist of • Greenhouse Plastic • warmth Shrink pave • Anti-Static devices Covers

10 Mil

Pond/Canal Linings • out Coverings • Remediation liner • Cargo Oil field Pit liner • Silage Covers• Unexposed lining applications building Enclosures • Vapor Retarders • Asbestos Abatements • Fumigation Covers•Insulation membranes • short-lived Walls-Curtains • project Site Coverings • Temporary wall Remediation Covers• short-lived Erosion control -Thickness indistinguishable would it is in 10 sheets of paper.

12 Mil

Daily Land fill Covers • Cargo extending • Interim Landfill Covers• Remediation consist of or liner • Outdoor consists •Temporary Rainshed Covers

14 Mil

Protective Coverings for decks on marine ships, shore Guard Fleet, Megayachts, advertisement Flooring, Hospitals, Laboratories, federal government Facilities, and Power plants.

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15 Mil

Under-slab Vapor barrier • foundation Wall Vapor Barrier

20 Mil

Aquaponics liners • Vapor Retarders • day-to-day Landfill consist of • Interim Landfill caps • Erosion control Cover • Under-slab Vapor Retarders • Earthen liners • grain Storage

24 Mil

Hay Covers

30 Mil

40 Mil

Containment liner • Oilfield Pit liners • Fish Hatchery liner • Canal liner • Interim Landfill consists • out Covers

Root barrier, pit liners, floor remediation, canal liner

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