What is a cubed number?

When you main point a entirety number (not a fraction) by itself, and also then by itself again the an outcome is a cube number. For example 3 x 3 x 3 = 27.

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An easy means to create 3 cubed is 33. This method three multiply by itself three times.

The easiest method to carry out this calculation is to do the very first multiplication (3x3) and also then come multiply your answer through the same number you began with; 3 x 3 x 3 = 9 x 3 = 27.

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Learning Cube Numbers

Cube numbers can be a little bit much more confusing 보다 squared numbers, simply because of the extra multiplication. Essentially, you room calculating a 3D shape rather of a level one.

Here is a flat (or 2D) 4 x 4 square:


To calculation the number of blocks (the squared number) we would merely multiply 4x 4 or 42,equalling 16.

Here is a 3D 4 x 4 cube:


To calculate the variety of blocks (the cubed number) this time we would certainly multiply 4 x 4 x 4 or 43 equalling 64.

In KS2, you won’t require to learn cube numbers off by heart, yet you will have to have a an easy understanding that what castle are, and how to calculation them. Often children will be provided a sample of numbers, such together lower end cube numbers and may it is in asked to try to work-related out the pattern.

Here is a list of cubed numbers as much as 12x12:

0 Cubed=03=0 × 0 x 0=0
1 Cubed=13=1 × 1 x 1=1
2 Cubed=23=2 × 2 x 2=8
3 Cubed=33=3 × 3 x 3=27
4 Cubed=43=4 × 4 x 4=64
5 Cubed=53=5 × 5 x 5=125
6 Cubed=63=6 × 6 x 6=216
7 Cubed=73=7 × 7 x 7=343
8 Cubed=83=8 × 8 x 8=512
9 Cubed=93=9 × 9 x 9=729
10 Cubed=103=10 × 10 x 10=1,000
11 Cubed=113=11 × 11 x 11=1,331
12 Cubed=123=12 × 12 x 12=1,728

Finding the Cube of a negative Number.

The cube that a negative number will constantly be negative, just like the cube the a confident number will always be positive.

For example; -53 = -5 x -5 x- -5 = (25 x -5) = -125.

Finding the Cube of a Decimal.

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Just like totality numbers (integers), it’s straightforward to cube a decimal number too. Don’t concern though, friend won’t should memorise this in key stage 2 (or probably even work castle out)!

1.23 Cubed=1.233=1.23 × 1.23 x 1.23=1.860867
2.56 Cubed=2.563=2.56 × 2.56 x 2.56=16.777216

Worksheets and also Practice

Here room some worksheets aimed particularly at getting to grips through cube numbers and practising your skills.

Year 6 – drawing dice dots on net cubes

Year 8 – recognize your squares and also your cubes

Year 8 – Cube numbers and also cube roots

Year 8 – Practise recognize cubes and also cube roots on a calculator

Further Learning

If cube numbers and also puzzles room your thing and also you really desire to offer yourself a challenge, why no look in ~ the BBC Bitesize website or shot some of the puzzles and also problems set by the NRich team at the college of Cambridge?