So this way that the unit should be Nm. However, as soon as I researched on Google, a many of people were saying the the unit is J.

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J (joule) is a derived unit for energy (or occupational done) called after the physicist James Joule. Since $W = F.d$, we have actually 1 J=1 Nm. Us can also express in terms of straightforward SI units, yielding us

1 J = 1 kg m$^2$s$^-2$.



The unit you should use for work done and energy is the joule (J) i m sorry is indeed the exact same as the newton metre (N m).

There is another physical amount which is the product that force and distance and that is torque or minute of a force.The unit you have to use for torque is the newton metre (Nm) and not the joule.

Naming the devices of occupational done and also torque differently helps to focus the reality that job-related done and torque describe two various physical amounts although the definitions of both quantities have the product the force and also distance in them.

$ extwork done= vec m force ,cdot, vec m displacement $ and $vec m torque= vec m force , imes, vec m displacement $


J (joule) is the SI unit of $work$ i m sorry is equal to N m. It"s a obtained unit the work and the name is favored in honor of James Joule who is pretty famous for his work-related in Thermodynamics.

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