Definition noun A organic discipline that research studies arachnids Supplement Arachnology is a organic discipline that faces arachnids. It is just one of the sub-fields of arthropodology. The last is the organic science that research studies arthropods. Arthropods space invertebrates (of the phylum Arthropoda) the are defined mainly by own a tough chitinous exoskeleton and also multiple combine jointed limbs. Because arthropodology involves the largest phylum that the pet kingdom the is more subdivided into these organic disciplines: arachnology, entomology (the examine of insects), carcinology (the study of crustaceans), and also myriapodology (the examine of myriapods). Arachnology is came to primarily v the research of the development, taxonomy, biology, evolution, and also ecology that arachnids. Arachnids incorporate the spiders, scorpions, pseudoscorpions, and also harvestmen. Thus, arachnology may also be divided into an ext specific specialties, such together araneology (study of spiders), acarology (study of ticks and also mites), and scorpiology (study of scorpions). An professional in this field is referred to as arachnologist. The arachnologist would be the one responsible because that classifying arachnids, knowledge their biology, determining their evolutionary relationships, examining their interaction with other living things and also their environment, and also determining and also monitoring their distribution. Word origin: Greek arachnē (“spider”) and -logia (“study of”) See also:


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