The colors of the ceiling pan wiring could be slightly different than other family members circuit wires. It's important to recognize what each wire does and how it connects v the others. 

Wiring a ceiling fan with 4 wires is the most common. However, an additional color wire can be included. Below is what every wire shade represents: 



The black wire is the warm wire that leads to the switch.  The white wire is neutral and also completes the electric circuit.  Copper or environment-friendly wire is the soil wire and also keeps the pan from endure power surges.  If there is a blue and black cable coming indigenous the household circuit, there should be 2 switches on the wall.  If there is a red wire coming native the ceiling, it is hooked as much as the wall switch. 


black color wire is because that the fan.  Blue wire is because that the desk lamp if one is included with the fan.  White cable is neutral.  green wire is because that the ground.  Red cable is periodically included and also acts as a conductor to carry power come the irradiate kit.

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2Prepare to wire a Ceiling fan

Knowing exactly how to wire a ceiling fan means taking some preventive steps: 

Make sure all circuit breakers concerned the wiring room shut off. The electric box is typically located in the garage or a closet. Look for a brand or imprint on the box or that is door that coincides with the room location and shut off the electrical circuit to that room. If needed, consult a experienced electrician come ensure that the breaker box and electrical switches room to code. Make sure to strip the coating top top the ends of the wires to reveal the copper end.  Make certain your fan comes v wire nuts and also push connectors. Both that these will certainly be necessary when wiring her ceiling fan.  some manufacturers may use different shade coding, for this reason be sure that you monitor the instructions consisted of with your fan.
3Wiring a fan or irradiate Without Switches

This ceiling pan wiring diagram is commonly used when there is no move in the room where the fan/light will be located. It permits someone to attract power because that the pan and/or the irradiate from one link to a nearby power source. 

This method way that friend would use the traction chains contained with your fan to turn on the light and the fan. Because that rooms there is no switches, ceiling pan remotes deserve to alleviate the require of making use of a traction chain. 

affix the white wires (neutral wires) from your fan and ceiling together.  affix the green wire come your household ground wire (copper/bare wire).  attach the black color wires together.  Tuck the wires ago into the box.  rotate the power earlier on and test the fan. 
4Wiring a Fan with a Switch for Light and also Pull Chain for fan

One that the most generally used methods, this wiring job is for ceiling pan that just require one irradiate switch. 

In this scenario for a ceiling fan through lights, pack the white wire with electric tape is recommended to mark that that is a hot wire as opposed come a neutral wire. In order because that the irradiate to be controlled by its own switch, the wiring in between the switch and also the fan unit requirements a 4th wire, a red wire, to carry power to the irradiate kit. 

affix the environment-friendly wire to the family ground wire (copper/bare wire).  attach your white wires together and also secure through wire nut.  connect the red cable in the ceiling come the black color wire in the light kit and also the black wire in the ceiling come the black wire in the fan.  Tuck the wires ago into the box.  rotate the power ago on and test the fan. 
5Wiring Ceiling Fan and Light Operated v One switch

Knowing just how to cable a ceiling fan with this technique allows you to revolve on the fan and the irradiate from a solitary wall switch, cutting out the should use the traction chain each time to change the fan. 

attach the green/bare copper wires together.  affix white wires together.  connect black wires together.  affix the lighting wire, frequently blue, to the black fan wire and also the black color ceiling wire.  Tuck the wires earlier into the box.  rotate the power back on and test the fan. 
6Wiring Ceiling Fan and also Light with separate Switches

This an approach allows the fan and also light to operate separately. It additionally affords the choice to install a dimmer for the light. (Don’t connect a dimmer to the fan’s power. Its speed need to only vary by usage of its integrated controls.) The strength supply heat (the black color wire) should feed both switches and those switches strength the pan (black) or the light (blue). 

To execute this method, the cable from the wall surface circuit to your light needs to have 3 wires. 

If you room replacing one existing fan on a two-switch setup, there may be an present three-conductor wire, which means a red wire will be in the box. This will supply strength for the light kit. 

If you space installing a pan for the first time or including a separate switch because that a light kit for the first time, you will should run a new wire from the switch crate to the junction crate in the ceiling, wherein the fan will certainly be. You should use a brand-new run the three-conductor cable (denoted as “14-3” – inspect your neighborhood code because that the certain gauge).


attach black pan wire to the black ceiling wire.  connect the blue wire to the red wire.  connect white wires together.  connect green/bare copper wires. 

In the move box:


split the incoming hot wire into a "Y" and also connect it to a terminal on each switch.  connect the black color wire to the screw located in switch No. 1.  attach the red cable to the screw in move No. 2.  attach the white wires together.  attach green/bare copper wires together.  Tuck every wires earlier in their boxes.  revolve power on and also test. 
7Wiring a Remote-Operated Ceiling Fan

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Many newer ceiling pan come through wireless remotes because that ease and also convenience. The ceiling fan remote receiver is placed inside the human body of the fan and the manage will sit on the wall surface of her room. For a handheld remote: 

rotate off the electricity.  far receivers will have DIP switches, or a series of button, and also three or 4 wires.  Insert the battery.  when the fan is mounted and in place, on slide the ceiling fan remote receiver into the space above the under rod.  affix corresponding wires from fan to far (white come white, black color to black, blue to black and also green/copper come green/copper).  rotate power back on and test. 

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