: any that an order or suborder (Mantodea and also especially family Mantidae) of huge usually green insects the feed on other insects and also clasp their food in forelimbs held up together if in prayer

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Illustration of mantis


Recent examples on the internet Instead, the emphasis is on insects of assorted sorts — a mantis, flies, many others; no designations are provided — moving and also buzzing against a white fabric background under harsh artificial light. — BostonGlobe.com, 2 Sep. 2021 But brand-new research to add a strange anatomical wrinkle to the love life of an Amazonian varieties called the dragon mantis. — Alex Fox, Smithsonian Magazine, 28 Apr. 2021 ideal now, this dead sheet mantis is the dimension of one ant. — cincinnati.com, 30 Apr. 2021 to inflate this smelly love balloon, the mantis pumps it full of a fluid called hemolymph, i beg your pardon is a little bit like blood for invertebrates. — Alex Fox, Smithsonian Magazine, 28 Apr. 2021 The Congo environment-friendly mantis opens that mouth, shows its colorful forelegs and spreads that wings. — Cara Giaimo, New York Times, 3 Sep. 2020 without hesitating, the hornet rushed the mantis and little off its head. — Steve Bender, Southern Living, 27 may 2020 watch this one-minute video, from a 2013 time article, that files how cheetahs hunt your prey:Then, rewatch the video clip of the preying mantis and price the adhering to questions:What is comparable about how each pet captures its prey? — Nicole Daniels, New York Times, 15 might 2020 amongst the newfound creatures are unicorn mantises, which have actually mysterious, hornlike frameworks on their heads, together seen over on a member the the genus Zoolea. — Magnus Wennman, National Geographic, 17 June 2019

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History and also Etymology for mantis

new Latin, indigenous Greek, literally, diviner, prophet; akin come Greek mainesthai to it is in mad — much more at mania