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You may have actually learned the flats and also sharps show up in the vital signature in ~ the beginning of a item of music.

But, go you know they will always be created in a particular order? The cool thing about this is when you memorize the order that sharps and flats, that is much much easier to get started playing.

Let’s take it a look at the sharp secrets first.

Order the Sharps

The order of sharps in the sharp secrets will constantly appear favor this: F#-C#-G#-D#-A#-E#-B#.

This method that every time you watch sharps in your an essential signature, lock will always be composed in this order making it easier to check out at a glance.


For instance, let’s say i looked conveniently at the key signature and also noticed there space three sharps.

I don’t have to stare at it really long to number it out since I already have the stimulate of sharps memorized.

I recognize right away the the three sharps space F#, C# and G#.

An easy means to remember the order of sharps is to memorize this saying: Fat-Cats-Go-Down-Alleys-Eating-Birds.

This is a mnemonic an equipment with the very first letter of each word representing every sharp.

Order of Flats

The bespeak of flats is likewise easy come remember. The order of flats contains Bb-Eb-Ab-Db-Gb-Cb-Fb.

An easy way to psychic this is B-E-A-D-Go-Catch-Fish.

Again, if you have actually this memorized, all you need to do is glance at the an essential signature and you will know what the flats are.

Let’s say we have four flats provided in the an essential signature.Without thinking about it as well hard, mental the an initial four flats (B-E-A-D) and that will tell you very quickly what flats come play.

This is nice easy, huh?

Another Cool Fact…

The bespeak of flats is the exact same as the order of sharps written backwards (F-C-G-D-A-E-B and also B-E-A-D-G-C-F).

If anything, memorize one and also re-write the stimulate on paper backwards to figure out the other.


What’s an extremely nice around memorizing the bespeak of sharps and also flats is that it gives you a nice quick cut to analysis music.

With this knowledge, friend never have to stare at the crucial signature for too long prior to deciding what the is you should play.

Your task currently is to shot memorizing the bespeak of sharps and flats.Practice utilizing this tool every time you discover a new piece that music.

You will certainly be amazed just how slick this tool actually works.

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10 Replies come “Remembering The bespeak Of Sharps and Flats”

Claude Scheiner
October 10, 2011, 1:58 pm

Great feather website.Another mnemonic because that sharps is:Fat Cops acquire Doughnuts after ~ Every Bust(My nephew is a cop, ha ha)

October 10, 2011, 2:26 afternoon

Hi Claude,

That is a an excellent one! i love it! thanks so lot for sharing!