You would certainly be forgiven for thinking there’s just one dog ~ above The Simpsons however as we’ve delved earlier through their years of reflects we’ve discovered 7 of, us think, the ideal dogs who’ve ever appeared on the show.

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1. Santa’s small Helper

Also known as No. 8 or Suds McDuff the America, Santa’s little Helper to be bought together a Christmas gift – miscellaneous Homer I’m sure wouldn’t introduce himself.

Santa’s small Helper is 5 years old, thirty year after first appearing on the show. In his time ~ above the show he has lived a complete life indigenous fathering a litter that puppies, to replacing Duffman together the mascot because that Duff Bear, to gift trained together a police dog and also rescuing Bart in the process, to passing obedience school.


2. Bongo/Hendrix

Bongo to be Homer’s dog as a child, the knew how to protect against him crying and also was essentially his ideal friend. Homer even gave him his own song, view the clip listed below for a snippet.

Bongo was rehomed for safety and security after he bit Mr Burns, at which allude he to be renamed Hendrix to save his true identification a secret.

3. Laddie

Brought in after ~ Bart ordered him from a catalogue making use of a forged credit card, Laddie showed himself a helpful sort the a dog performing family members chores including flushing the toilet – a valuable habit because that sure. When Bart to be unable to salary his credit transaction card bill the repo males turned approximately claim and also he provided them Santa’s little Helper pretending he to be Laddie.


4. The Hounds

Think the the expression ‘The Hounds’ and this video clip below is guarantee to feather to mind. Owned by mr Burns ‘The Hounds’ castle are often released to scare off unwanted company. True truth – in the episode titled ‘Dog of Death’ Santa’s tiny Helper appeared as among the hounds.

5. Poochie

Poochie was a character on The Itchy & Scratchy Show lugged in by the network executives that felt the present needed an update to keep it’s audience interest (could this be a storyline brought around because of genuine life network executives we wonder?). 

Poochie’s time top top the display was brief lived once viewers of The Itchy & Scratchy show wrote in wanting the character removed. Homer, that was the voice the Poochie, to be devastated.


6. Wiggle Puppy

An imaginary girlfriend of Ralph Wiggum, Wiggle Puppy goes on adventures every day v him and also can fly by wagging his tail. Apparently.

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7. Smiley

Adopted through Lisa Simpson on a crusade to save as many pets as she could, Smiley together with others rescued lived in the Simpsons family members home attic. After castle were found by Bart a tiger mistakenly little his arm definition all of the pets had to be taken away. Chef Wiggum said Lisa she had actually to find new homes for every one of the pets otherwise their fate would await them at a pound.


Did we encompass your favourite dog indigenous The Simpsons? allow us know if not – we’d love to hear native you!

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