Alfre Woodard is the recent to join Jon Favreau’sThe Lion King, voicingSarabi, Simba’s mom. Woodard joinsDonald Glover asSimba and James Earl Jones, that will be reprising his function asMufasa. Madge Sinclair voicedSarabiin the initial 1994 Disney animated version.

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Seth Rogen, Billy Eichner and John Oliver will also voice parts in the feature, which recently addedChiwetel Ejioforto that roster come play the villain, Scar.

Jeff Nathanson (Pirates the the Caribbean: Dead men Tell No Tales) wrote the manuscript for Disney, through Favreau and also Jeffrey silver producing.Lion King is right now shooting in Los Angeles.

Woodard was most recently watched in the Sundance standout Burning Sands and Netflix’s Marvel collection Luke Cage. Up following for the Oscar nominee is the indie Saint Judy, where she stars opposite typical andMichelle Monaghan, and also Clark Johnson’s Juanita, where she dram the title role.

She is repped byICM, one of Confusion and Gochman.

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