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This ROOT-WORD is the Prefix POST with means AFTER & BEHIND. There is another word post which has to do with mailing, postage and Post Office. But that word is not this root. This root POST means AFTER, BEHIND & FOLLOWING. When you meet words with POST just take a second to see whether the sentence has anything to do with mailing. If it has, you need go no further - it is not our root. One thing that always means our root POST- AFTER is P.M. - POST meridian, afternoon.1. Postern : POST ern (pose’ tern) adj.Situated at the back, rear; as, the postern gate2. Posterity : POST erity (poster; it ee) n.Those who come after; descendants3. Postifix : POST fix (post fiks’) v.To add to end of syllable or word; affix4. Postgeniture : POST geniture (post jen’ i jur) n.The state of being born after another5. Postgraduate : POST graduate (post graj’ u at) adj.Relating to studies after graduation6. Posthumous : POST humous (pos’ chum us) adj.After death; often said of writings published after the author’s death7. Posterior : POST erior (po ster’ ee or) adj.Later in time; coming after8. Postlude : POST lude (post’ lude)n.The closing piece on the program9. Postmarital : POST marital (post mar’ i tal) adj.Relating to after the marriage10. Post meridian : POST meridian (post me rid’ ee an) adj.After the sun has passed the meridian; P.M
11. Postmortal : POST mortal (post mor’ tal) adj.Relating to after death12. Postmortem : POST mortem (post mort’ em) adj.After death; as, a postmortem examination13. Postmutative : POST multative (post mue’ ta tiv) adj.Causing changes by the use of suffixes14. Postnatal : POST natal (post nate’ al) adj.Referring to the period immediately after birth15. Post-obit : POST - obit (poe stoe’ bit) adj.Happening after death; as, a post-obit gift16. Postorbital : POST orbital (poe stor’ bit al) adj.Situated behind the socket of the eye17. Postpone : POST pone (post pone’) v.Delay; set he date back18. Postponement : POST ponement (post pone’ ment) n.A delay; holding back until a later date19. Postprandial : POST prandial (post pran’ dee al) adj.After the feast; after the meal20. Postscript : POST script (post; script) n.A note added to a letter after it has been signed

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Pre is the root-word for many other words.Sub is the root-word for many other words.Hemi,semi, & demi are the root-words for many other words.Ante is the root-word for many other words.Super, supra & supr are the root-words for many other words.